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  • Jason Reynolds Visits Smithton

    Posted by Charles Hoover at 3/14/2017

    Jason Reynolds       Jason Reynolds

    Jason Reynolds gave an inspirational talk at Smithton Wednesday, March 15th. He is the author of several book including "Ghost" which was a finalist for National Book Award for Young People’s Literature.

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  • Pizza Friday!

    Posted by Charles Hoover at 3/10/2017


    The PTSA is having a “Pizza” lunch fundraiser on Friday, March 24 during each lunch shift.


    Lunch comes with a big slice of pizza (the bigger slices that Shakespeare's serves during lunch time) a bag of chips, and a drink for $5. Additional slices can be ordered for $3 each.


    All orders are open to students and staff and will need to placed (and paid) BEFORE March 21. We will not accept money or orders on Friday, March 24.


    Please use this order form.

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  • Change Your Name for the Yearbook

    Posted by Charles Hoover at 2/23/2017

    Do you go by a different name other than your given name?

    Do you use your middle name instead of your first name?

    Well change the way your name looks in the yearbook by filling out the Google Form over in the left column.

    This is only for serious name changes and you will need to leave your parent's email so that we can confirm the name change.

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  • Congratulations Smithton Science Olympiad Team!

    Posted by Charles Hoover at 2/20/2017


    Smithron's Science Olympiad team took 3rd place overall in the Regional Contest this past weekend.

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  • Classes For Next Year

    Posted by Charles Hoover at 2/13/2017


    It's time to start choosing classes for next year. Here is the Course Catalog to help with your choices.

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  • Chinese New Year Performance

    Posted by Charles Hoover at 1/30/2017

    Chinese New Year

    Several students from Smithton and Ms. Bologna and Ms. Wang, participated in the 2017 Chinese New Year celebration at Battle High School this past Friday. The program featured students from across Columbia sharing a selection of poetry, music, dance and drama in Mandarin and English.

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  • Immunization Requirements for Current 7th Graders

    Posted by Charles Hoover at 1/10/2017


    For all incoming 8th grade students, one Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis) vaccine and one Meningococcal (meningitis) vaccine will be required. Click Here for more information or contact the school nurse.

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  • Smithton Standards for Excellence

    Posted by Charles Hoover at 1/4/2017


    Smithton Standards of Excellence

    As we move into the second semester of the 2016-17 school year, it is important to remind our students of school expectations.  As the school year comes to a close in May, the following standards will be used to identify students who will be able to participate in non-academic “fun” events.  All end of the year events are considered a celebration of the hard work and accomplishments of our students.  The school’s administration and faculty are committed to help and support all students in meeting these expectations.

    Attendance: 90% attendance rate (with possible exceptions) using the current semester data.

    Discipline: No major office referrals. Chronic buddy and/or recovery room visits may also be considered.

    Achievement: No failing grades on the most recent Individual Progress Report (IPR).  There is an opportunity for students to bring their grade to passing prior to predetermined date of an event in order for the student to be eligible for an event.

    This information will be shared with students on a regular basis.  Their advisory teacher will be available to respond to student questions and support a student’s progress.

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  • How Sick is Too Sick?

    Posted by Charles Hoover at 1/3/2017


    When students are feeling sick, how can you decide whether its still ok to come to school? Here are some guidelines for symptoms that mean your student should stay home:

    1. Temperature of 100 degrees or greater
    2. Vomiting with associated signs of illness
    3. Diarrhea
    4. Unusual or unexplained rash
    5. Persistent cough
    6. Ongoing symptoms of discomfort or immobility from an injury
    7. A concerning health condition that may require further medical evaluation


    Students may return to school when:

    1. Fever free for 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medication
    2. Vomiting and/or diarrhea free for 24 hours
    3. Other conditions subside or with a provider’s note
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    Posted by Charles Hoover at 9/16/2016

    Dear Parents,

    After all school events, school administrators and staff are required to remain with students until they have been picked up by a parent or another adult. Students are reminded of this prior to and at the close of an event. Those who are not picked up within 20 minutes after the conclusion of an event may be told that they cannot come to future events. Your child’s safety is a priority. Smithton staff’s time is valuable. Working together both can be protected.

    Dr. Schumacher

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