Alumni Hall of Fame
The Rock Bridge High School Hall of Fame honors graduates who have demonstrated exceptional personal, community, or professional achievements. Inductees are selected from nominations submitted from members of the community.
Hall of Fame inductees are selected and announced in the spring of the year and the induction ceremony takes place during Homecoming festivities in the fall.
For more information, call 214-3100 or e-mail Dr.Rukstad.



RBHS Alumni Hall of Fame inductees include:

Caitlin Casey, Class of 2003, Researches starbursts and galaxy formation
David Diggs, Class of 1987--“Value Consulting Director” at Oracle Corporation
Todd Gingrich, Class of 2004--Researcher in the field of computational statistical mechanics
Bradley S. Sloan, Class of 1984--Dr. Sloan is a family practice and sports medicine doctor in Jefferson City
Steve Walli, Class of 1978--Chief Executive Officer for UnitedHealthcare in the Heartland States

Josh Adelstein, Class of 1987, International Journalist, Tokyo, Japan
Kathryn Peters, Class of 2002, Co-Founder of TurboVote, Washington, D.C.
Courtney Schapira, Class of 1993, Chief Dental Advisor, United States Air Force, Charleston, South Carolina
Wallace Thoreson, Class of 1975, Medical Researcher, Omaha, Nebraska
Timothy Wolfe, Class of 1976, University of Missouri President, Columbia, Missouri

Jesse Biddle, Class of 1977, Comparative political scientist and an international project manager.
Jay Curry, Class of 1975,  Successful local businessman and decorated BBQ Champion.
Eric Helland, Class of 1986,  Professor of Economics at Claremont McKenna College, in Claremont, California.
Daniel Purcell, Class of 1988,  Accomplished professional civil and criminal litigation attorney.
Byron Smith, Class of 1979,  Artist, gallery owner and exhibit curator.

John Hadfield, 1994, Jazz faculty member at New York University and freelance percussionist
Dr. Joe Johnston, 1986, is Lead Scientist/Senior Medical Advisor
Keith D. Politte, 1977, is Manager of the Technology Testing Center for the University of Missouri’s Reynolds Journalism Institute
Elizabeth Sewell, 1998. Technical Sergeant Sewell is stationed at the headquarters of US Joint Special Operations Command in Bragg, North Carolina
Genny Watkins, 1980. Genny Watkins has extensive experience working with disability-rights organizations in St. Louis.

Kurt Ford, Class of 1981, Senior Vice President of Television Productions, NBC
Michael Graham, Class of 1988, Foreign Service Office, US Embassy, Beijing, China
Andy Huckaba, Class of 1979, Community Leader, Lenexa Kansas
Daryl Smith, Class of 1978, Vice President of Galls/ ARAMARK

Kevin Everett, Class of 1981, Associate Professor at the University of Missouri
Brian Foster, Class of 1989, Royal Canadian Air Force
Nischelle Turner, Class of 1993, Broadcast Journalist, Fox 11 Good Day LA Morning Show
Tim Williams, Class of 1986, Vice President of Six Sigma Cessna Aircraft
David Wilson, Class of 1992, Co-Director of the True/False Film Festival

Justin Bohon, Class of 1996, Actor, New York City
Sam Huckaba, Class of 1976, Educator, Senior Associate Dean of College of Arts and Sciences and Professor of Mathematics, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL
J. T. (John) Rogers, Class of 1986, Playwright, wrote Madagascar and other plays, New York City
Lili Vianello, Class of 1984, Businesswoman, owner and president of Visionworks, community advocate, Columbia
Brian Wesbury, Class of 1976, Economist, Co-host for CNBC morning business show Squawk Box, Chicago

Kevin Crane, class of 1980, Prosecuting Attorney, Boone County
Carl Edwards, class of 1997, professional race car driver
David Fox, class of 1979, educator and coach, Jefferson City
Dr. Walter Johnson, class of 1984, historian and researcher, New York University
Denise Tritz, class of 1979, pathologist, Jefferson City

Dana Craig-Petsinger, class of 1986, Vice President, Kellogg Company, Battle Creek , Michigan
Dr. John D. Corley, class of 1980, Team leader in the development of the "bunker buster" weapon that ended the Persian Gulf War.
W. Scott Pauley, class of 1976, Missouri Highway Patrol and professional sportsman.
Sam Smith, class of 1975, teacher, coach and artist whose painting of "Pass It On" commemorates the 50 th anniversary of Brown vs. Board of Education.
Rob Benedict, class of 1989, actor, Los Angeles

Jennifer Bay Williams, class of 1983, Professor of Elementary and Middle School Mathematics Education at Kansas State University .
Barth Burgin, class of 1978, General Manager for the Rockgate Hotel Management Company, Kansas City, Missouri.
John Darkow, class of 1975, Editorial Cartoonist at the Columbia Daily Tribune, Columbia , Missouri .
Jennifer Smith, class of 1995, Information Officer at the World Health Organization in Copenhagen , Denmark .

Jeffery Owen Anglen, class of 1975, Clinical Professor and Orthopedic Surgeon, University of Missouri .
Sean Clark, class of 1975, Professor of Fine Arts, University of Nevada , Las Vegas .
Derek "Deke" Dickerson, class of 1986, Record producer and recording engineer, Los Angeles , California
Steven B. Edwards, class of 1977, Lieutenant Colonel , United States Army
Lucinda Sword Woolery, class of 1978, Assistant United States Attorney and founder of "Families Blessed with the World's Children," Kansas City , Missouri .