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Board of Education Meetings

Daily Programming Guide

Updated 1/11/17
2:30 a.m.  CPS360
3:00 a.m.  World Café
4:00 a.m.  MAC Scholars
4:30 a.m. CPS360
5:00 a.m. New Haven Vet Day
6:00 a.m. CPS Chats
6:20 a.m. Radio Friends w/CPSF
6:30 a.m. CPS360
7:00 a.m. Walter Rolley Jr.
8:30 a.m. CPS360
10:00 a.m. CPS Chats
10:30 a.m. CPS360
11:00 a.m. RBE Vet Day
12:00 p.m. Jan School Board Meeting
3:00 p.m. CPS Chats
4:00 p.m. Walter Rolley Jr
4:30 p.m. CPS360
5:00 p.m.  New Haven Vet Day
5:31 p.m. MAC Scholars
6:00 p.m. RBE Vet Day
6:30 p.m. CPS360
7:00 p.m. Walter Rolley Jr
7:30 p.m.  Jan. School Board Meeting
10:30 p.m.  CPS360
11:00 p.m. New Haven Vet Day

District Highlights!

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    LWV Candidate Forum (Columbia School Board) -

    LWV Candidate Forum (Columbia School Board)

    David Lile of KFRU moderates this League of Women Voters forum which is cosponsored by the Columbia Public Library.

    Length: 44:16
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    CPS360 Show #69 - CACC Broadcasting Class

    CPS360 Show #69

    Features both Hickman and Rock Bridge plays, the nursing program at the Columbia Area Career Center, a Hickman teacher, and Global Village at Rock Bridge High School.

    Author: CACC Broadcasting Class   
    Length: 12:44
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    CPS Sports #6 - CACC Broadcasting Class

    CPS Sports #6

    Features include a story about Rock Bridge girls basketball team player Katey Klucking, a season wrap up of the Hallsville boys basketball team, and basketball highlights from Rock Bridge, Hickman, and Hallsville.

    Author: CACC Broadcasting Class   
    Length: 9:17
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    JMS Multicultural Assembly -

    JMS Multicultural Assembly

    Length: 59:34
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  • Video List
    HHS Multi-Cultural Assembly 2017 -

    HHS Multi-Cultural Assembly 2017

    Length: 48:34
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  • Video List
    Lange MS Black History Month Program -

    Lange MS Black History Month Program

    Lange MAC Scholars present:  From Whence We Came -- Our annual Black History Month Program.

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    CPS360 Show #68 - CACC Broadcasting

    CPS360 Show #68

    Features on the new stadium construction at Rock Bridge, The Columbia Area Career Center Expo night, a Project Lead the Way teacher, auto tech class, and a project called Wake Up started at Battle High School.

    Author: CACC Broadcasting    
    Length: 11:56
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    CPS Sports #5 - CACC Broadcasting

    CPS Sports #5

    Features on CYBA basketball, Hickman Boys Basketball player Chase Thomas, Rock Bridge girls basketball highlights, Hickman girls basketball highlights, Hallsville girls basketball highlights, and Rock Bridge boys basketball highlights.

    Author: CACC Broadcasting   
    Length: 7:33
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    Attendance Area Changes -

    Attendance Area Changes

    Length: 13:20
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  • Video List
    School Beat 7.1 -

    School Beat 7.1

    features Derby Ridge, Battle High School, Maker Fair @ Columbia Mall, Columbia Public Schools Foundation & the Science Department, Columbia Area Career Center at Hickman High, and the 5th Grade Honors Choir.

    Length: 24:00
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