STUDENT ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Friday, March 24th             Bulletin #135       ‘A’ Day

1.  ARRANGEMENTS FOR AFTER SCHOOL NEED TO BE MADE BEFORE THE END OF THE DAY. DO NOT COME TO THE OFFICE AFTER SCHOOL AND TRY TO GET A BUS NOTE. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL AFTER SCHOOL TO CALL HOME AND SEE IF YOU CAN STAY FOR AN AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITY OR RIDE HOME WITH A FRIEND. BUSSES LEAVE BETWEEN 2:42 AND 2:47 – AND IF YOU RIDE A BUS, YOU NEED TO BE ON IT UNLESS YOU HAVE ALREADY MADE OTHER ARRANGEMENTS. If you are riding the bus home with a friend, we have to have permission from a guardian. You can bring a note from home or have your parent call and give verbal permission over the phone. You can also come to office before 1:00 WITH A PASS to call home to get permission. Remember-teachers are not obligated to let you leave class to arrange your social life, so it’s best to have these arrangements made before you leave home in the morning.  

2. Those of you that go to Boys and Girls Club, don’t forget that there is no club today. They close the last Friday of every month for staff training. Please come to the office BEFORE THE END OF THE DAY if you need to make other arrangements for this afternoon. They will also be closed during Spring Break.

3. We are seeing an increase in non-string backpacks – remember the only backpacks we allow are the TRUE string backpacks, not thin straps.  Please make sure the thin strap backpacks remain in your locker.

4. All students, all grades, all lunch shifts – unless you are being escorted by a teacher or you have class in the 170s hallway immediately after your lunch shift, you may not be in the Roseman or 170s hallway after lunch. You will need to exit the lunch room to your left and use the eagle hallway or the main hallway to get where you are going. Students who continue to use the Roseman/170s hallway as a cut through, or as a place to ‘hang out’, will be subject to disciplinary action.    

5. Are you interested in Photography?  A new club in town is looking for middle school students to join “PhotoVoice.” The theme of this session is “BackTalk”.  Some students could be eligible to earn a free camera.  PhotoVoice is an 8 week program combining Diversity, Education and Community.  The program ends with a photo gallery at City Hall on May 20th presenting the students work.  See Mrs. Tyler if you are interested in an application for this great opportunity!!!

6. Summer School forms for 6th and 7th graders are now available in the Guidance office.

7.    Designs for the new OMS sign are due to Dr. Porter in png. format today.

8. The next DRAMA CLUB meeting will be TUESDAY, April 4 after school until 3:50 in room 115.  Newcomers welcome! See Mrs. Johns with questions.

9. Apply to become Youth Kindness Ambassador for Children’s Grove. We would like 3 representatives from Oakland and they will attend a brainstorming meeting in April - get your application from Mrs. Tyler.

10. If you are unable to handle the freedom of having your cell phone on you in class, then PUT YOUR PHONES IN YOUR LOCKERS.

11. Columbia Public School Board Policy KKB prohibits the use of visual or audio recording equipment on district property or at district activities by students except:

·         If required by a district sponsored class or activity.

·         At performances or activities to which the general public is invited, such as athletic competitions, concerts and plays.

·         At open meeting of the Board of Education or committees appointed by or at the direction of the Board.

·         As otherwise permitted by the building principal.