Missouri S & T Summer Programs
Ready to Explore a Future Career?  Adventurer? Cyber guru? Nature lover?  No matter what your interest - or what your age - S & T has a program for you!
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MU High School Mini Med School
  • Session I: June 18-22, 2017
  • Session II: June 25-29, 2017
MU’s High School Mini Medical School is a one-week program that gives students a preview of life as an MU medical student. The program includes:

♦ Hands-on experience in anatomy, microbiology, and clinical skills
♦ Introduction to MU’s innovative patient-based learning (PBL) curriculum
♦ Seminars on college and medical school entrance and medical school life

Scholarships are available.
Interested high school juniors can find more application information on website http://medicine.missouri.edu/admissions/minimed.html
Applications will be available after January 1, 2017 on the website and should be submitted electronically by March 1, 2017

Washington University (Wash U) Summer Institutes
  • Early Bird Registration Deadline: February 15, 2017- Submit your online application by February 15, 2017 and we will waive the $35 application fee.
  • Regular Registration Deadline: April 1, 2017
High School Summer Institutes combine traditional undergraduate class and lab curriculum with organized field trips, guest lectures, and hands-on activities in order for you to gain valuable academic and career experience. Institutes are divided into morning and afternoon sessions. You will have assigned readings and assignments throughout the program. Every student completes a student reflection essay and a final project which varies for each institute. In the evenings, students attend academic seminars, workshops, and social events. Institutes are open to current high school students from across the country and around the world. You will live on campus, enjoy a variety of social opportunities, and prepare yourself for college success! Learn about life on campus during a WUSTL Summer Experience. High School Summer Institutes are noncredit, academic programs--not summer camps. 
For more information on Wash U's Summer Institutes: http://summerexperiences.wustl.edu 

Duke Summer College for High School Students
Get ahead this summer and earn college credit with academically-motivated students from around the world in Duke University’s Summer College for High School Students. If you are a current 10th or 11th grade student, you are eligible to apply. This 4-week credit-bearing program offered by Duke University attracts students who represent the next generation of leaders from around the world. Immerse yourself in an international college experience by enrolling in this elite program designed to provide the academic and residential environment conducive to collegiate success.  
For more information about Duke Summer College for High School Students: http://summersession.duke.edu/high-school-students
  • Applications for Summer College and Summer Academy will be accepted beginning December 1, 2016, and continuing until each program reaches capacity. Apply early to receive preferred consideration. 

UMKC Pharmacy Camp
Benefits of the camps include:
  • Experience the roles pharmacists play in helping their patients stay health and manage their illnesses.
  • Engage with a panel of practicing pharmacists to learn more about the wide range of job opportunities
  • available to our graduates.
  • Learn about the path to becoming a pharmacist by speaking with School of Pharmacy faculty, staff &
  • current students.
  • Experience what it’s like to learn from our faculty who are using our distance technology .
  • Create a network with other students with similar professional interests.
The program will be set up for students who have finished grade 9 or higher. Guests are welcome to attend.
Cost will only be $15 per camper & $5 per guest. Costs cover lunch, supplies & a t-shirt for the camper.
To register complete the form available at: 
UMKC School of Pharmacy
Summer Camp
Office of Student Affairs
2464 Charlotte St. / Kansas City, MO 64108
(f) 816-235-5562  

Washington University in St. Louis College Kick Start
You’re invited to a college planning workshop for high school students and their parents. 
Kick Start Your College Process
•Gain insights into planning for college.
•Go on a journey through the application cycle, and hear advice from admissions counselors.
•Get answers to questions like:
•Will my essay really make a difference to colleges?
•What high school courses are recommended?
•How important are extracurricular activities?

Envision Your College Life
•Learn about academic programs and the people who will help you make the most of your journey.
•Explore extracurricular activities and life on campus.

Join Us and We’ll Help You Get Started!
•Select your date - Tuesday, June 14, or Thursday, July 7.
•Once we receive your registration, we will provide program information and directions to campus along with written confirmation of your visit.
•Remember, you must RSVP at least 10 days prior to the program you choose to attend.
Register online at http://kickstart.wustl.edu OR by calling 800-638-0700

Stephens College Summer Camps
Camp Citizen Jane (High School Film Camp)

Girls only | Grades 9-12
Camp Citizen Jane empowers young women to tell their story, their way. It’s all part of our mission to have more women represented in film and the film industry. It’s also an amazing way to get creative, learn to collaborate and build leadership skills. (And you’ll have access to Stephens’ film equipment, students and faculty.) You may even prepare your film for a film festival. Cost: $295. Register at https://www.stephens.edu/services/summer-camps/
Equestrian Overnight Experience

Girls only | Grades 8-12
Stephens’ equestrian tradition continues with a camp designed for the more experienced rider. Here you’ll have the opportunity for riding or driving twice a day. All sessions will be taught by talented, award-winning faculty, assisted by champion-level assistants. Enjoy field trips exposing you to the equestrian world and careers. Stay and learn right here on our historic campus for a complete equestrian program experience. All housing and meals provided. Cost: $1250 (includes all meals and housing). Register at https://www.stephens.edu/services/summer-camps/

Summers @ Mizzou
Summers @ Mizzou is a program designed to bring youth age 12-18 to the University of Missouri campus. Youth will have a chance to experience life as a college student by living in the dorms, eating in a dining hall and exploring campus and Columbia. These camps are great for those beginning to think about college and their future career. Please share the attached brochure with any students or faculty who may be interested.

Youth will learn what it takes to be an entrepreneur and team up to put their best ideas to the test. They will make connections with community entrepreneurs and MU faculty while gaining skills for planning and starting their own business.

Scrub-in to a Health Career
Are you someone who knows exactly where the first aid kit is and how to use it? Do you like to help others? Are you interested in math and science? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this camp is for you! Spend time exploring different health careers through hands-on experiences, guest speakers and opportunities at the University Hospital. Learn what it takes to be a doctor, nurse, physical therapist, dentist, pharmacist and many other positions in the health field. Discover all the possibilities!

SENSEible Science: Dyeing to do Chemistry!
Most people can see and most see colors. This is pretty amazing. Coloring things, especially cloth, has been something people have been doing for ages. There’s a lot of science involved in attaching dyes to fibers to produce the raw materials for the clothes we wear, carpets, table cloths and anything else you can think of that is made out of fabric. In this color camp, you’ll learn about dye and fiber molecules and how they interact with each other. You’ll experiment with the chemical and physical properties that affect the dyeing process. You will dye different fabrics, try not to dye each other, and clean up the mess! You will discover that science is also art…. And economics; dying is a big business. Remember: Let no one be called happy till they have dyed.

GeoTech: Drones
Are you interested in Drones? Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and Unmanned Aerial Systems UAS’s) are used in research and many industries today. Learn about the history, safety and legal issues around drones in the US. We will explore how they are constructed and how they are flown for recreational uses and also used in research areas such as: conservation, journalism and emergency management.

Network Forensics for Hacker Trackers
Do you like playing detective for investigating cyber attacks? Are you interested in learning tools and coding for detecting cyber attacks and developing cool visualizations to track cyber attacks? Here you will assume the role of expert witnesses by conducting a network forensics investigation to catch cyber-criminals who were attacking a “good online gaming” company. You will learn coding with a database and analyze attacks with tools such as Wireshark and Snort. You will also collect evidence to demonstrate to the jury the geographical location of the “cyber-criminal mafia” and the extent of damage caused for compensation.

The Arts as a Portal to Science
Are you an artist? A scientist? Are you interested in both science and the arts? Then this camp is for you. Discover this interdisciplinary world—explore a science lab and an art studio. Experience an atmosphere that promotes creativity, imagination and innovation while exploring the arts as a way to understand the complexity of science. Learn how to use visual images, storytelling, theatre, and the performing arts to communicate the science story. Learn theatre techniques that enhance your presentation skills when communicating scientific knowledge. Interact with MU faculty from Theatre, Community Arts and the Digital Storytelling Program. Work beside two world famous scientists, where their recent discoveries will be revealed. Interested? Then sign-up now and join us for a fun-filled week. Discover all MIZZOU offers creative students like you.
More information and on-line registration is available at: http://4h.missouri.edu/programs/summers 

University of Missouri Trulaske Business Academy
The Trulaske Business Academy was established in 2008 to serve as a pre-college summer program for minority students interested in business. The goal of this week-long residential program is to introduce students to the various disciplines and career opportunities within the business world, while also experiencing life on a college campus.

  • Special attention is paid to the areas of accounting, finance, management and marketing, which are areas of study in our college.
  • Students interact with faculty and staff from the Trulaske College of Business in a classroom setting.
  • Hands-on activities and team competitions are incorporated into the lessons to help students connect the material to the real world.
  • Alumni and corporate partners lead activities to help students explore career opportunities in business.
  • Students are exposed to lessons about professionalism, team work, communication, and leadership skills.  

Columbia College Summer Camps
Columbia College is hosting several Summer Camp on campus in June and July for students who might be interested in the following subjects:

Summer Art Intensive: Painting/Drawing, Graphic Design, Photography, Mix Media, Jewelry, Print Making and more.

Nursing Summer Camp: Tour Boone Hospital, CPR certification, and spend a day in the life of a nurse (Full Cost Scholarships available!)

Summer Art Intensive Theater: Participate in a theater production.

Legal Academy: Political Science, Mock Trial Ethical Discussion, Field Trips & more.

Forensic Science & Criminal Justice: Bloodstain Evidence, Fingerprinting, Photography & Crime Scene Analysis & more.
•STEAM:  Gear up your tool belt for problem solving at the Columbia College STEAM Camp, a week-long adventure of daily exploration (no overnight option). You'll become a creative thinker as you explore and learn in science labs, art studios and the awesome CPS STEAM bus.
For more information click: HERE

Joyce Ivy Foundation Summer Scholars
For current 10th and 11th grade girls.  
The Summer Scholars program provides scholarships for talented female high school students to participate in a summer academic program at one of our partner programs – some of the most rigorous and selective colleges and universities in the country. 
Apply - application due March 1, 2017 

Audrey Walton Youth Leadership Program
The Audrey Walton Youth Leadership Program provides opportunities for Missouri high school students to gain skills that will assist them in becoming leaders in their communities and schools. The Audrey Walton Youth Leadership Program is open to high school students entering their junior or senior year in the 2016-17 school year and is offered a NO COST to participants – all food, lodging, and transportation to and from the conference is provided by the Show-Me State Games. For more information and an application click: 
Applications due: 

TU Screenwriting and Filmmaking Residential Camps
Screenwriting Camp
Develop the techniques to create your vision, learn how to sell your ideas and create scripts that are exciting and unique.
Filmmaking Camp
Understand the shot, break down the script and bring your film to life in post-production.
For more information about TU's Screenwriting and Filmmaking Camps visit: http://utulsa.edu/filmcamps 

SCAD Summer Seminars
SCAD Summer Seminars offer workshops for high school students who have completed their freshman, sophomore or junior years. (Secondary school students ages 14-19 are able to participate in SCAD Summer Seminars Hong Kong.) Students gain valuable educational experience while developing their creative vision through exciting art and design assignments and projects.

Students attend two workshops (one workshop in Hong Kong) and have an all-access pass to the university’s extensive facilities, resources and libraries. Workshops may include demonstrations, lectures, studio work and local field trips, and are taught by SCAD professors, alumni or select graduate students. To provide maximum individual attention and collaborative interaction between students and instructors, class size is small, with generally 15 or fewer students in each workshop. Organized daily social and cultural activities create an authentic experience of life as a SCAD student in the city. A closing exhibition of student work is held at the end of each session. 
For more information about SCAD Summer Seminars, including session dates and cost visit: http://scad.edu/sss 

Barnard Pre-College Programs
Experience Summer in the City at Barnard.  Students from around the globe come to New York City to pursue their passions in a rigorous, academic setting. With six distinct programs to choose from, ranging from entrepreneurship to dance, you have the unique opportunity to explore an area of interest on a deeper level through both in-class discussions and city exploration. As part of the learning experience at Barnard, you will get a taste of both college life and the Big Apple! 
For more information, to find a program, explore courses, and apply visit:  http://www.barnard.edu/summer

Cottey College Summer Workshop
A Workshop for Women Who Are Going Places!

Cottey is excited to announce that in lieu of summer high school programs in science, leadership, and fine arts, the College will continue to offer one revised program that has been designed to meet the demands and interests of today’s top academic students! This NEW summer program is a Workshop for Women Who are Going Places and will offer rising junior-, and senior-aged girls insight into leadership, skill development, and college and career preparation while showcasing everything Cottey has to offer for their future education.
The best part? In addition to the toolbox of skills that each participant will take home, all students who choose to enroll at Cottey College will be awarded a $12,000 scholarship for her years at Cottey – that’s an automatic $3,000 annual scholarship! 
For more information about the Cottey College Workshop: http://www.cottey.edu/workshop 

Middlebury Summer Language Academy
Live on a beautiful college campus or abroad for four weeks this summer, immersed in language and culture. The Academy aims to create lifelong language learners through encouraging the development of world language skills early in life. To this end, the Academy offers a rigorous four-week language immersion experience for rising 8th-12th grade students who are passionate about language proficiency and cultural understanding. Speaking in their target language 24/7, while engaging in meaningful cultural exploration projects, students make unrivaled strides in language acquisition in four weeks.
For more information on Middlebury Summer Language Academy: http://www.middleburyinteractive.com/summer-language-academy 

Stanford University Pre-Collegiate Studies Programs

Stanford programs offer highly motivated, intellectually curious students the opportunity to investigate topics not typically taught in secondary schools.  Students engage in small classes taught by instructors who are experts in their fields and passionate about teaching. In this setting, students hone their academic skills and form new friendships with intellectual peers.  Students in Stanford's residential programs get a taste of college life on the beautiful Stanford campus.  Past students have described their Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies experience as life-changing. 
Stanford High School Summer College:
Stanford’s High School Summer College is an academically selective program that provides high-achieving high school students access to undergraduate education at one of America’s most respected universities. The program runs eight weeks and provides academic, social, and intellectual opportunities not found in a high school classroom. Participants enroll as visiting undergraduate students in Stanford’s Summer Quarter and take the same courses as Stanford undergraduates. Summer College students interact with peers from across the United States, and around the world, and may participate in a full array of unique co-curricular and recreational activities available on campus and in the culturally rich San Francisco Bay Area. 
Find out more about the High School Summer College: http://summercollege.stanford.edu/
Stanford Summer College Academy:
Earn continuing studies credit both on campus and online! Summer College Academy is an innovative approach to university-level coursework. Exceptional high school students will have the opportunity to take one of a number of intensive undergraduate-level courses, three to four weeks of which will be in Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies’ signature online synchronous seminar environment, followed by three weeks of coursework in residence on Stanford’s campus—all while earning Stanford University Continuing Studies credit and a Continuing Studies transcript.  
Find out more about the Summer College Academy:  https://summercollegeacademy.stanford.edu/ 
Stanford Summer Humanities Institute:
Enrich your love of history and philosophy. The Summer Humanities Institute is a three-week residential program where rising high school juniors and seniors explore the big questions at the heart of the humanities in seminars led by distinguished Stanford professors. Students will spend the first two weeks intensively studying and researching a topic in history or philosophy, attending daily lectures by the faculty members, and participating in group discussions and activities in the afternoon. During their third week, students work closely with their professors, graduate students, and writing mentors to produce original research projects.  
Find out more about the Summer Humanities Institute: http://web.stanford.edu/group/summer_hum_inst/cgi-bin/wordpress/about/
Stanford Summer Arts Institute:
Creativity. Innovation. Experience how the Arts live at Stanford! In our newest residential program, students come together for a three-week intensive arts program offering academically challenging, interdisciplinary courses in art, visual design, music, and drama. The Stanford Summer Arts Institute will offer up to six courses that emphasize the essential connections between the arts and other areas of study, including neuroscience, computer science, engineering, entrepreneurship, and more.
Find out more about the Summer Arts Institute:  http://summerartsinstitute.stanford.edu/ 

Boone Electric Cooperative Youth Tour
More than 90 Missouri high school juniors join 1,500 students from 44 other states on the trip of a lifetime to Washington, D.C., every summer. Students attend a premiere youth leadership conference sponsored by the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association. Highlights of the conference include breakout sessions on youth leadership, discussions on community issues and solutions, and motivational speeches by today's recognized leaders. You have the chance to meet your senators and representatives, too! 
For more information and to download an application visit: http://booneelectric.coop/content/washington-dc-youth-tour 

Missouri Chamber Foundation's Leadership in Practice:
The best way to develop leadership skills is to practice, practice, practice. And for four days each June that is exactly what Missouri’s brightest rising sophomore student leaders do in the Leadership in Practice program hosted by the Missouri Chamber Foundation. Held on the campus of Westminster College in Fulton, the program engages students in profound ways by putting them through hands-on simulations and activities with experienced business and community leaders from around the state. 
Students interested in applying should be current 9th graders who exhibit solid character, scholarship and leadership in the school and community, or the potential to lead.  Students will need to be nominated by a superintendent, principal, counselor, teacher, coach, student council sponsor or a business /civic leader as part of the application and a complete application must be submitted by April 1, 2017 - including a $25 application fee.
For more information and the application click HERE

Mizzou Engineering Summer Camps:
Mizzou Engineering’s Summer Camps demonstrate the variety of things that engineers do and the tools of their trades to high school sophomores, juniors and seniors. Mornings are dedicated to learning about MU’s engineering disciplines from leaders in their fields. Afternoons offer practical experience in labs and through industry visits, and evenings are spent testing student skills in friendly competitions. Besides trying their hands at solving engineering challenges, campers will experience life as college students and will have the opportunity to make new friends and have fun along the way. Diversity scholarships are available for Summer Camps.

Diversity scholarships are available for Summer Camps.
For more information and to register visit: http://engineering.missouri.edu/high-school-summer-camp/

Camp Kesem Mizzou:
Camp Kesem at Mizzou was founded in 2011 and supports children in the Missouri community by providing a week-long summer camp experience and year-long peer support. Camp Kesem at Mizzou is operated by 55 student volunteers and serves 140 campers ages 6-16 per year.  camp is offered free of charge, and is open to any 6-16 year old who has, or has had, a parent or primary caregiver with cancer. For more information visit: http://campkesem.org/mizzou 
To apply for Camp Kesem visit: http://campkesem.org/camper-application 

University of Missouri Life Sciences Quest:
At the Life Sciences Quest, high school students from Missouri's urban and suburban communities learn about agriculture, biotechnology and life sciences.

This week-long program takes place on the University of Missouri-Columbia campus in July 2016, and serves as a pre-college summer program for students interested in careers in those fields.
For more information contact: CeCe Leslie - lesliecj@missouri.edu, (573) 884-3244