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Semester Update – December 2016


The 2016-2017 school year is well on its way.  We have had an excellent 1st semester and look forward to the upcoming winter break and the start of a 2nd semester.  Since our school year started we have welcomed several additional families to our school.  While Gentry’s enrollment has shown an increase across each grade level, we are proud of the fact that our educational focus continues to be on student learning.  Gentry Middle School Mission Statement: To Educate and Motivate Our Students to Take on the World; projects our attitude and purpose towards instruction, engagement, and student investigation.  We strive to challenge our students through; critical thinking, questioning, collaboration, discovery, and exploration. 


I believe each one of us recognize the value of open and honest communication and when this occurs; we develop trust, a viable partnership, and a healthy school community.  To assist in development of a strong school community, I ask that in the event a question concern develops, please contact us, so together we can address the question or issue in a timely manner.


In closing, I congratulate each of our students on an excellent 1st semester.  Enjoy the winter season and have a positive start to the second half of the school year.


Dr. Jeff Beiswinger, Principal