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Partner in Education

  • Partner in Education


Our Services

  • We provide

    • Extended Educational Experiences (EEE)

    • Creativity and critical thinking lessons for Kindergarten classrooms.

    • A one-day-a-week program at the Gifted Center for grades 1-5.

    • A research and problem-solving course for grades 6-8.

    • Coaching for long-term projects in 8th grade English.

    • A resource room and resource teacher at each high school.

    • Sponsorship of for-credit internships outside of school.

    The students we serve typically 

    • Learn quickly and reason at a high level

    • Show persistent intellectual curiosity and wide interests

    • Have markedly advanced language and math skills

    • Set high standards for themselves

    Clubs, Activities, Events & Summer Academy

    • Participation is limited due to the large number of EEE students, space and teacher supervision.

    • Priority will be given to active, participating EEE students.

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