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    Mill Creek Elementary is to prepare all students for life through high expectations for learning, achievement and character development.
  •  COVID-19 (and other illness)

    Masks are required for everyone in the building. If you think there is a possibility that your student might get their mask dirty, throw some extras in their backpack.  Any visitors to the building will also be required to wear a mask.


    Before you part ways with your child(ren) each morning please do a quick screen for the following symptoms:


    • A fever of 100.4 F or higher
    • Cough
    • Shortness of breath/ difficulty breathing
    • Fatigue
    • Muscle or body aches
    • Headache
    • Sore throat
    • New loss of sense of smell or taste
    • Diarrhea
    • Nausea/vomiting
    • Any other concerning health condition that may require further medical evaluation


    Anyone exhibiting one or more of these symptoms of COVID-19 that cannot be otherwise explained will be asked to stay home or sent home immediately from school. If they have more than one symptom, they will need a doctor’s note or negative covid test (as well as improvement of symptoms) to return or will be instructed to stay home for 10 days from the onset of symptoms.

    CPS will continue to offer COVID-19 testing to students and staff, free of charge. Call the school nurse at (573)214-3280 to see if this is a suitable option for your student and to set up an appointment.

    Even with a negative Covid test, students must be at least 24 hours fever free without the use of fever reducing medications, 24 hours post vomiting or diarrhea, and show improved symptoms before returning to school. We don’t want to spread any illness, not just Covid-19.


    In the event that a student tests positive, that student will be placed on a 10 day isolation at home and anyone considered a close contact will be quarantined per CDC guidelines. Guardians will be notified and if this happens during the school day, asked to pick up their student ASAP. Students who are being quarantined will be given quarantine dates and guidelines at that time.

    A close contact is

    · Anyone, masked or not, who is within 3 feet of the positive person for at least 15 minutes during a 24 hour period OR

    · Anyone who is unmasked and within 6 feet of a positive person for at least 15 minutes during a 24 hour period.

    Anyone who is consistently and properly masked and greater than 3 feet from the positive person will not be considered a close contact and will not have to quarantine.


    Following a close contact there is a 14 day quarantine before returning to normal school activities. There is the option of a shortened 10 day quarantine if the student remains asymptomatic.

    10-day quarantine- may return to school on day 11 as long as no symptoms, but still monitor for symptoms up through day 14.

    7-day quarantine – There is the option of a modified 7 day quarantine. A student with no symptoms, with a negative PCR test taken on day 5 or later, may return to school on day 8. It is important to still monitor for symptoms through day 14.


    If you or anyone from your family has been exposed to or tested positive for COVID-19, stay home and communicate ASAP with me, your school nurse, as well as the local health department. Following proper isolation and quarantine guidelines is imperative to keeping all of our staff, students, and families healthy. My email is mmatter@cpsk12.org and my direct line is (573)214-3289.







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