• Back To School Night

    Posted by Rebecca Bevel-Smith at 6/13/2017

    Back to School Night at Oakland Middle School will be from 4 - 7 pm on August 22nd. 

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  • Summer School Information

    Posted by Rebecca Bevel-Smith at 5/26/2017

    Summer School is June 5th - 29th. Students may register by coming by Oakland Middle School. 

    Summer School open house  is Thursday, June 1st from 5 - 6:30. 2nd. Schedules will be handed out at open house.

     There will be a brief presentation at in the OMS gymnasium by Mr. Mielke.  Mr. Mielke, who will be the summer school principal,  will cover various topics related to summer school.  After the meeting, parents and students are welcome to tour the building,

    find their classrooms, and meet their teachers.  Maps of the building will be provided.  

    Representatives from First Student and Nursing will also be here. 

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  • Soccer Camp Opportunity for Middle School Students

    Posted by Rebecca Bevel-Smith at 5/18/2017

    2017 Summer Camp

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  • OMS Student Recognized by Mayor

    Posted by Rebecca Bevel-Smith at 5/4/2017

    J’ron Browder was recognized May 1st by Mayor Brian Treece for his commitment to being a Kindness Ambassador at Oakland Middle School and within their community. Great work, J'ron. We are proud of you! 

    J'Ron & brother with Dr. Stipleman  



    J'ron Acceptin Award





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  • Oakland Middle School EEE students participate in Venture Out

    Posted by Rebecca Bevel-Smith at 4/28/2017

    Oakland Middle School EEE students participate in Venture Out MU's higher ropes course with a focus on problem solving and working cooperatively to accomplish tasks.




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  • OMS Student places 2nd in Missouri Future Problem Solving Scenario Writing Competition.

    Posted by Rebecca Bevel-Smith at 4/28/2017

    Audrey Shively won second place for her creative short story at the Missouri Future Problem Solving Scenario Writing Competition.  Audrey will attend the international competition in June at the University of Wisconsin LaCrosse.  Way to go Audrey!



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  • Spoken Word Poem

    Posted by Rebecca Bevel-Smith at 4/28/2017

    Oakland 8th grader Ana Rodriquez shared her spoken word poem with Oakland Families at our Reading Musem and Cultural Night held Wednesday, April 26th. Ana agreed to let us post her peom here. 

    The Real Truth

    By Ana Rodriguez

    "They're bringing drugs," "They're bringing crime," "They're rapists," "They're  taking our jobs."
    All of those stupid things that I’ve been hearing for the last 6 months
    People talking without knowing the reality
    People who the only thing they know to do is to judge the immigration community

    Let me tell you the story  from  the wolf’s point of view
    Let me tell the only and real truth
    Let me tell you something completely new
    Not the "truth" from the people that have no clue

    Sit there and open your mind
    Try to see more than what your eyes let you observe  
    Because you don't realize that all of your life you’ve been blind
    And I think that the wolf needs to say the truth and break the silence - that's what he deserves

    My parents are the birds that you see flying in a V-shape before winter time
    My parents are the ones that you said are the "rapists," "taking your jobs," and "bringing crime"
    My parents are the birds searching for a better place and a better clime
    Waiting until we get to springtime

    My dad grew up in a big family, and he started  to work when he was ten
    He didn’t work on cutting the neighbor’s yard
    At that age he was completely a man  
    The words that his dad used to tell him made him mature at a young age

    And the problems  his family had, make him see the truth about the world
    He wasn't like the other kids, playing around with no problems at all
    He didn’t only care for himself, he didn’t start to work for him, he did it for his family
    But he couldn't help them completely, and their situation went really badly

    He was tired of being in the dark - waiting until the next day to see some light
    He was tired of always running but never moving
    He was tired of only completing his dreams overnight
    He was tired of always bleeding

    That's why he decided to start a new life In a new place
    Where he was hoping to start the ending of a horrible  past
    And leaving behind his trace
    And it all happened fast

    He crossed the border as a brave man being only seventeen
    He wasn't scared to die on the way - he was only  thinking how everything was going to change
    He walked for 3 days without eating anything and drinking one cup of water per day

    He did all of this being only a teen

    After some years he bought a house for his mother
    After some years he had his own family, three kids and a wife
    After some years his life became brighter
    After some years he had a great life

    He  works like the sun ( twenty four seven )
    He is getting older and tired but every day he wakes up, thinking of his family as his inspiration  
    He doesn't care how his body is getting weaker every day, as long as his family feels that they’re living in heaven
    He is going to keep working and doing all he can for his family which he calls his motivation

    My dad is a real  superhero, not like the ones that you see on the tv show
    My dad is not bringing any drugs, he is only bringing his desires to overcome his dreams
    My dad is not bringing crime, he is bringing his dreams and the ones from his family
    My dad is not taking your job, he is only taking the chance to give a better future to me

    Now I'm here, thanking my dad for all  of his hard work and for everything he did for me
    Now I'm here, continuing with his dream
    Now I'm here, making him proud of me, knowing that I have a giant responsibility
    Now I'm here, sharing with you the real truth and breaking the silence, wanting to scream

                                                   THANKS DAD

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  • OMS 8th Graders at the Capitol

    Posted by Rebecca Bevel-Smith at 4/6/2017

    Mrs. Willbrand, Mrs. Ross, & Miss Wendt with 8th grade students and the Governor of Missouri.


     8th graders

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  • OMS Teacher Awarded Teacher of the Year!

    Posted by Rebecca Bevel-Smith at 3/24/2017

    Erica Bruington named Outstanding Secondary Teacher of the Year in a Specialized Area


    by the Columbia Fund for Academic Excellence!



    We are so so so proud of you!!!!Mrs. B & Dr. S



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  • 1st & 3rd Place at Science Olympiad Competition

    Posted by Rebecca Bevel-Smith at 2/21/2017

    Science Olympiad received two 1st place medals - One in Dynamic Planet and the other in Microbe Mission.  They also received  a 3rd place medal in Anatomy and Physiology. Congratulations to all of these hard working students and sponsors. We are so proud of you! Science Olympiad

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