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  • Spinal Screening

    Posted by Rebecca Bevel-Smith on 1/8/2019


    Health Services


    To:              Parents/Guardians and Students

    From:          Sara Korman, RN

    School Nurse, Oakland Middle School

    Subject:       SPINAL SCREENING scheduled for February 5th and 6th


    A spinal screening will be offered to 6th grade girls, 7th and 8th grade boys and girls and boys who are new to Columbia Public Schools or who previously had an abnormal spinal screening.

    Although this screening is not mandatory, it is an important part of our health program and we strongly urge l00% participation.  If the student is not to participate, advance written notification by a parent/ guardian must be provided to the school nurse. 

    1. What is a spinal screening?

    It is a quick and simple examination of the back to detect abnormalities such as scoliosis, a lateral curvature of the spine, and kyphosis, an abnormal backward protrusion of the spine.

    1. What is the screening process?

    All students need to be bare-backed to properly view the back.  Girls may wear halter tops, sports bras or regular bras.  The student stands on a designated mark in front of the screener.  The nurse will ask the student to assume certain movements to visualize the shoulders, back and waist from different angles. 

    1. What happens if an abnormality is suspected?

    Students will be re-examined after the first screening and parents/guardians will be notified if an abnormality is suspected.  It is recommended to contact your health care provider for further medical evaluation. 

    1. What causes a spinal abnormality and how is it treated?

    The cause of most spinal abnormalities is unknown.  There seems to be a hereditary factor in some instances.  Your provider will evaluate and determine the best plan of treatment.  Most cases are evaluated over a period of time, while some may require braces or surgery. 

    1. Why have a spinal screening program?

    Spinal abnormalities are not preventable.  Early detection and appropriate treatment are the most effective means to prevent long term adverse effects. 

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  • Everybody Eats - Thanksgiving Dinner Opportunity

    Posted by Rebecca Bevel-Smith on 11/9/2018

    Almeta Crayton's Community Programs hosts the 21st Anniversary of "Everybody Eats". Everyone is Welcome. 

    Click this link for more information. 

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  • In a Flash - Suicide Prevention Event

    Posted by Rebecca Bevel-Smith on 11/9/2018

    In a Flash is a suicide prevention event. Click the link for more information In a Flash 

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  • Attendance Area Changes

    Posted by Rebecca Bevel-Smith on 11/7/2018

    Here’s a link to the district site on attendance area changes. We will continually update the site with current information.

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  • Flu Shot Clinic for Students

    Posted by Rebecca Bevel-Smith on 10/9/2018

    October 2018

     Click here to print the permission form. 

    Dear Parents/Guardians:

    The 2018-19 injectable Influenza vaccine (flu shot) will be given free of charge to students at Oakland Middle School on October 31, 2018, from 8:00 – 10:00 AM.  The Columbia/Boone County Department of Public Health and Human Services will be onsite to administer the vaccine on the Stage.  This opportunity to have your child vaccinated is strongly encouraged, but it is NOT mandatory.

    For your child to be vaccinated, the 2018 Influenza “Flu” Vaccine School-Based Clinic Consent Form must be:

    • FULLY completed and SIGNED by the parent or legal guardian
    • Completed for EACH CHILD (you must return a separate form for each child you want vaccinated)
    • Returned to your school nurse by October 25, 2018.

    The injectable flu vaccine (flu shot) is the only type of flu vaccine that will be offered. FluMist nasal spray will not be given this season. The Vaccine Information Statement for the flu shot can be found at: . You may also contact your school nurse or the Columbia/Boone County Department of Public Health and Human Services for Vaccine Information Statements.

    If you decline, or do not return the required permission form to the school, the free flu vaccine will not be given to your student at school.

    If you return the consent form, and your child receives the flu vaccine elsewhere, it is important that you notify your school nurse immediately. This will prevent your child from receiving an unnecessary second dose of vaccine.

    Boone County’s free flu vaccine program is made possible by these generous partners:

    • MU Children’s Hospital
    • David B. Lichtenstein Foundation

    These organizations are funding free flu shots for all Boone County children age 6 months – 18 years of age. Children who do not get the vaccine at school may receive free flu shots at the health department clinic, 1005 West Worley, Monday – Friday from 8 am – 4:30 pm. No appointment is needed.

    If you have any further questions please contact your school nurse, Sara Korman RN at 214-322

    Click here to print the permission form. 

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