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  • Stranger Smithton Episode 3

    Posted by Charles Hoover on 3/16/2018 6:00:00 AM

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  • Turn in Those Enrollment Forms

    Posted by Charles Hoover on 2/23/2018

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  • How to Learn Math

    Posted by Charles Hoover on 2/11/2018


    How to Learn Math for Students is a free class for learners of ALL levels of mathematics. This class will give learners of math the information they need to become powerful and confident learners. The dates are: February 22, February 26, March 8, March 15, and March 19, and classes will be held in the Smithton Media Center from 6 to 8PM. Click this FLYER for more information. Come to as many dates as you want!

    Click here to SIGN UP 

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  • Enrollment for 2018-19

    Posted by Charles Hoover on 2/11/2018


    Enrollment activities for the 2018-2019 school year started February 1, 2018. Students had an opportunity during the school day to visit electives classrooms and hear presentations on all the choices available next school year. HERE is a list of all available courses for next year.

    Thursday, February 8, 6th grade enrollment will take place during science classes. Friday, February 9, 7th grade enrollment will take place during social studies classes.

    Enrollment is still a new concept to many students. They will benefit from the support of parents with this activity. It is important for students to return the signed enrollment form by the deadline of February 15, 2018. There will be no changes made to course requests after March 1, 2018.

    7th Grade Enrollment Form (for current 6th graders going into 7th Grade)

    8th Grade Enrollment Form (for current 7th graders going into 8th Grade)

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  • CARE Summer Jobs

    Posted by Charles Hoover on 1/22/2018


    Looking to make some extra money this summer? Sign up for CARE and start making $7.85 per hour. It's open to 14-20 year olds and you can find more information about it by clicking this link.

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  • 6th Grade Awesome Attendance

    Posted by Charles Hoover on 1/10/2018

    Let's all give a shout out to 6th grade students with 95% or better attendance! Smithton Rocks!

    Attendance       Attendance   Attendance

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  • Birds of Prey

    Posted by Charles Hoover on 10/11/2017

    We had some special visitors to Smithton's Nature Club.

    Birds Birds Birds Birds

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  • Blues in Schools Assembly

    Posted by Charles Hoover on 9/29/2017

    Blues1 Blues2 Blues3 Blues5 Blues5 Blues6

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  • Welcome to Smithton from Principal Drury

    Posted by Charles Hoover on 7/17/2017


    Chris Drury, Principal

    Hello Smithton Family,

    As of July 1st, I have taken on the role of principal here at Smithton Middle School from Dr. Schumacher who has retired. I am excited about this opportunity to serve as principal at Smithton. Since I started here it has felt like home. We have a dedicated staff that comes to school each day to make sure that Smithton is a positive environment where our students feel welcome and can work towards excellence. They have high expectations for all students and are tireless in their efforts to make sure they help our students meet those expectations. They are continually working to improve and push each other to help make Smithton great. Our students work everyday to be their best and constantly impress and inspire me.

    To find out more about me, check my About Me Page.

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  • Smithton Standards for Excellence

    Posted by Charles Hoover on 1/4/2017


    Smithton Standards of Excellence

    As we move into the second semester of the 2016-17 school year, it is important to remind our students of school expectations.  As the school year comes to a close in May, the following standards will be used to identify students who will be able to participate in non-academic “fun” events.  All end of the year events are considered a celebration of the hard work and accomplishments of our students.  The school’s administration and faculty are committed to help and support all students in meeting these expectations.

    Attendance: 90% attendance rate (with possible exceptions) using the current semester data.

    Discipline: No major office referrals. Chronic buddy and/or recovery room visits may also be considered.

    Achievement: No failing grades on the most recent Individual Progress Report (IPR).  There is an opportunity for students to bring their grade to passing prior to predetermined date of an event in order for the student to be eligible for an event.

    This information will be shared with students on a regular basis.  Their advisory teacher will be available to respond to student questions and support a student’s progress.

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