• Welcome to Meera Sood's page for 6th & 7th grade Science

    Greetings all!  Welcome to Smithton and Science.  This school year is going to be full of fun, wonder and knowledge in our quest to use science, discover how useful science is and hone our science literacy skills.  I believe all of us have the ability to wonder and appreciate the natural world around us and appreciate doing science in our classroom and outside of it.  Lets have a great year and I am in for all of it and hope you are too.
    The topics we will be learning in 6th grade are:
    • physics (energy and force & motion)
    • biology (intro to cells)
    • ecosystems
    The topics we will be learning in 7th grade are:
    • chemistry
    • waves
    • weather & climate
    • human impact
    Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions and concerns. 
    My email is: msood@cpsk12.org 
    The school phone number is:  (573) 214-3260
    My Twitter handle is:  smssciteacher
    I look forward to a year of learning and laughing with your child!  
    Ms. Sood