CPS Online Announcements

  • Summer School Enrollment Opens Feb 3rd

    Online enrollment for summer school will open for parents/students on Feb. 3 at 9 a.m.


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  •  Fall 2019 Online Semester Finals Schedule Announced

    CPS Online courses require a "proctored" (supervised) in-person final*.  Some teachers may schedule their own, but unless you hear otherwise from your teacher plan on taking your online finals at your home school as follows:

    • Middle School students=Take in your normal RTI/EEE/Online Study Hall classroom during finals week (Dec 16-20)
    • High School students take their final as follows (Please make sure all of your students are aware of these dates/times):
      • Monday, 16=BHS Online finals--9-4, Media Center
      • Tuesday, 17=HHS Online finals--9-4, Media Center
      • Wednesday, 18=RBHS Online finals--9-4, PAC Lobby​

     *Bring your own device*

    Students who are not able to take their final on the designated day should contact their online teacher to make alternative arrangements.

     *Some courses (e.g. Online P.E., Digital Media: Apps in the Cloud, Digital Filmmaking Essentials, Career Path Internship and Career Exploration) have final projects in lieu of an in-seat final.

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CPS Online

  • Columbia Public Schools offers students the opportunity to take one/more of their classes online. These online courses are designed for students who are self-motivated and can work independently. In an online course, students take the entire course online as opposed to a face-to-face classroom environment. Courses follow the same semester calendar as face-to-face courses.

    Course Selection Includes (but is not limited to):
    • Career Path Internship
    • Career Exploration
    • Health
    • Personal Finance
    • Physical Education
    • U.S. Government
    • Click on the "CPS Online Course Offerings" link to the left for a current list of available courses and/or ask your counselor for more information.

    More About CPS Online

    • Courses are available for grades 6-12;
    • Courses are asynchronous (i.e students work at their own pace);
    • Assignments are due at specified weekly intervals;
    • All content is online;
    • Students will access online courses through Schoology or Edgenuity depending upon the course;
    • Students are expected to log in daily to the online course to check for instructor updates;
    • Students can work on assignments anytime throughout the week, as long as work is posted by specified due dates;
    • Students can work on courses at school or offsite if the student has access to a personal computer and Internet access;
    • Online courses are aligned with the current school semester calendar;
    • All course finals must be taken at a school facility and proctored by a CPS employee designated by the CPS Online Program Coordinator;
    • Course Instructors are CPS instructors.

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