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  • May/Early Summer School Information

    The demand for seats in the May/Early Summer School courses was far greater than we had imagined.  As a result, unfortunately not every student was placed in a course.  Notification was sent out Friday to all students/parents/guardians regarding their enrollment status in May/Early Summer School.


    1)  Dates:  The session runs from Monday, April 27 - Friday, May 22;


    2)  Where to find your course: Students should see their course listed among their other courses in Schoology starting Monday, April 27;


    3)  Webinars:  We will have optional webinars on Sunday, April 26 to answer any general questions you may have about your May/Early Summer School online course at 5:00pm, 7:00pm and 9:00pm (same content repeated each time).  Go to https://cpsk12.zoom.us/j/8543690348 to join that webinar that the scheduled time;


    4)  Course-Specific Orientations:  Students will be receiving an email from their teacher about their course-specific orientation ZOOM meeting before the start of the session.  Students should make sure to continue to check their CPS student email for that information.


    If your student is no longer interested in taking this course please let the summer school office know by emailing them at summerschool@cpsk12.org.

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CPS Online

  • Columbia Public Schools offers students the opportunity to take one/more of their classes online. These online courses are designed for students who are self-motivated and can work independently. In an online course, students take the entire course online as opposed to a face-to-face classroom environment. Courses follow the same semester calendar as face-to-face courses.

    Course Selection Includes (but is not limited to):
    • Career Path Internship
    • Career Exploration
    • Health
    • Personal Finance
    • Physical Education
    • U.S. Government
    • Click on the "CPS Online Course Offerings" link to the left for a current list of available courses and/or ask your counselor for more information.

    More About CPS Online

    • Courses are available for grades 6-12;
    • Courses are asynchronous (i.e students work at their own pace);
    • Assignments are due at specified weekly intervals;
    • All content is online;
    • Students will access online courses through Schoology or Edgenuity depending upon the course;
    • Students are expected to log in daily to the online course to check for instructor updates;
    • Students can work on assignments anytime throughout the week, as long as work is posted by specified due dates;
    • Students can work on courses at school or offsite if the student has access to a personal computer and Internet access;
    • Online courses are aligned with the current school semester calendar;
    • All course finals must be taken at a school facility and proctored by a CPS employee designated by the CPS Online Program Coordinator;
    • Course Instructors are CPS instructors.

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