“All actions are in service for others.”   This is a personal mission statement I developed during my first year as principal in Parkville, Missouri. Today, this mission statement is still my purpose and focus.

After military service, I attended Avila University and entered the education profession. I received a BS degree in Special Education. I continued my education at the University of Missouri-Kansas City earned a Master’s Degree in the area of Special Education and an Education Specialist Degree in School Administration. The last stop in my formal education was at St. Louis University where I completed a Doctor of Education Degree in Educational Leadership.

During my educational career a focus on curriculum, staff development, authentic assessment, and middle-school education as confirmed that changing school culture and building strong personal relationships with students, parents, staff and community is the key to school reform. Developing and shaping school culture through relationship building results in collaborative engagement, effective use of technology, and interventions that focus on the sustainable opportunities for children to learn.

As part of my career it has been important to be an active member in professional organizations, mentor aspiring principals and preparing future educators as an adjunct professor for the University of Missouri and Columbia College.

Success and fulfillment comes from helping, caring, and providing for students, parents and teachers. Providing opportunities to learn, explore, invent, and create, ultimately changes the world.  It is a pleasure to serve the Smithton Middle School Community.