• Welcome to Ms. Barfield's (Mrs. Boggs') page!

       Ms. Barfield at Colter Bay


    Hello! My name is Olivia Barfield and I am excited to be back at JMS for a fourth year! I was raised in STL, completed my Bachelor’s degree at Mizzou in 2016 and  graduated with my first Master’s in 2018. I will be graduating with my second Master's in 2020. I will be getting married on September 1st, 2019, so my new name will become Olivia Boggs. Some hobbies of mine include hiking, coaching, and reading.

    This year I will be teaching two sections of Math 6, two sections of Advanced Math 6, two sections of Math Workshop, and one section of Chemistry Creations. Some topics we will cover over the span of the school year in my math classes are statistics, integers, fractions, expressions and equations, and geometry.

    All updates, information, and homework keys can be found on my Schoology page, which all parents and students have access to! Directions for logging onto Schoology:

    1. Go to JMS Home Page

    2. Under Helpful Links on left side: Parent Schoology Login

    3. Log in using same credentials for Home Access (must set-up Home Access before Schoology!)


    I am excited for the year to begin, I know it will be fantastic!