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    Profe Tamara Lambson

    email: tlambson@cpsk12.org


    * For Grade Updates, check Home Access at the end of the week.  I usually update grades on Thurs/Fri of each week.

    * For Homework Assignments, Notes from class, Access to activities in class, and Quiz/Test dates - Check Schoology.  I update my Schoology site every 2 weeks.  Check frequently as things may change as adjustments are made often for various reasons.

    * Resources: 

    • Online book at my.hrw.com (student accounts are assigned in class),
    • Quizlet.com (each student created their own account, and has access to my set of flashcards.  the link to join the class is located in Schoology, under the Leccion Preliminar folder, under "en clase")