ECSE Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I make a referral for my child? Contact the ECSE office at 573-214-3950 and let them know you are concerned about your child's development.
    What is the difference between ECSE and Title One Preschool?  ECSE is designed for students who are found eligible for Special Education Services and the services are outlined within their IEP. Title I Preschool is designed for children who require additional preschool experiences and is not a special education program. Screening appointments for Title I preschool can be scheduled by calling 573-214-3585.
    What is the difference between a play based assessment and an annual IEP meeting?  A play based assessment is used to determine if a child has a developmental delay that requires special education services. Play based assessments are generally conducted with children who are 3-4 years old. Once it is determined special education services are required, an initial IEP is written. IEPs have to be reviewed annually where progress on goals is reported and new goals and services are determined.
    Do children stay all day in ECSE classrooms? Typical ECSE classrooms are in session Monday - Thursday for three hours in the morning or three hours in the afternoon. Individual needs are considered for each child on an IEP and adjustments to the typical schedule can be made.
    How do teachers/therapists communicate with parents? Parent communication is provided in a variety ways on a regular basis. Parent communication may come in the form of weekly newsletters, emails, phone calls, and face to face visits. ECSE teachers complete up to two home visits per year.
    When can I observe? Observations may be scheduled through your child's teacher/therapist. They will provide you with a form designed to match your observation time with an appropriate activity. Observations typically last for 30 minutes in order to  keep classrooms disruptions to a minimum. Teachers/Therapist are available for follow-up meetings to answer questions from your observation.
    How do I know if my child will be in an ECSE classroom? Placement is determined through an IEP meeting based on the goals and amount of therapy recommended. The team takes into consideration the child's need for repetition, practice and ability to generalize skills across settings.
    What do you work on in ECSE? Goals and benchmarks outlined within a student's IEP. Our program utilizes components of the High Scope Curriculum found in the Title I Preschool Classrooms in the district in order to tie into the general education curriculum
    Is everyone in an ECSE room on an IEP? Our classrooms are designed for children who need a modified curriculum to meet their individual needs. Within our classrooms we have spots for up to 3 typically developing children who are peer models for our students. This allows our students to develop relationships with both disabled and non-disabled peers.
    Can students enroll at any time throughout the year or only at the beginning of the school year? Children are evaluated throughout the school year and are placed in services as soon as their IEP is written.
    How will I know when my child might be ready for another preschool classroom outside of ESCE? IEP teams continually consider when to provide services in the Least Restrictive Environment. Many of these discussions about placement occur during annual IEP meetings. Teams are mindful of a parent's need to find appropriate preschool and/or daycare as their time in our setting decreases. We understand that may involve families adjusting their family budgets.
    Who will be on the bus with my child? Other 3-5 year old students who attend the school your child is attending.
    If my child rides the bus will there be a car seat or seat belt? Our program provides a five point Star Seat for students who require special transportation as a related service.
    What services will be provided in kindergarten? Just like in ECSE, a full continuum of services are available and are based on your child's individual needs.
    What will kindergarten look like for my child? Kindergarten services will be outlined in your child's Individualized Education Program. ECSE and Kindergarten teams will work collaboratively to ensure a smooth and easy transition to the elementary level.
    What is the difference between Physical Therapy / Occupational Therapy / Speech therapy in First Steps vs. ECSE Services provided by ECSE focus on the educational impact of a student's identified delays and their participation in the school environment.
    Will my child receive their PT/OT/SLP outside of the classroom or in the classroom? Location of services are outlined in the IEP and is dependent on the particular needs of the child. Therapist and teachers engage students in Activity Based Interventions that are based on the child's interest and may occur in the classroom, in the hall, on the playground or in a therapy room.