Transition from ECSE to Kindergarten

  • Early Childhood Special Education teams and kindergarten teams will work collaboratively to provide a smooth transition for children entering elementary school.  The continuum of services will be based upon the child’s IEP and determined by the IEP team, including current teachers/therapists, parents and teachers/therapists from the receiving school. 

    Each year we hold a Kindergarten Transition Parent Meeting in person where elementary level teams share information about what kindergarten can look like.   This year we are unable to meet in person, so this is general information about kindergarten and special education services recorded for you. 

    Kindergarten Transition Parent Meeting Video


    After reviewing, if you have additional questions, please check the frequently asked questions below or contact Lori Kammerich at  Thank you!    


    Kindergarten Registration Now Open

    We're looking forward to welcoming our new kindergarten students in the 2021-22 school year! Online registration for new kindergartners is now open.


    Frequently Asked Questions about Kindergarten Transition

     When will transition IEP’s begin to happen?

     Transition IEP’s will begin to be scheduled in February and most of them will be completed by May 1st.

     Who will attend the transition IEP?

    Participants in a transition IEP meeting would include parents or guardians, your child’s ECSE team and at times a representative and/or process coordinator from the school your child will be attending. Sometimes a process coordinator (an individual who works throughout the district that can provide information about placement options in the district) will attend.

     Will my child go to their home school?

    Placement decisions are made on an individual child basis.

     Will my child be in the regular classroom?

    Each placement decision will be based on your child’s individual needs and what the IEP team decides is the best option for your child.

     Do I have to transport my child if they do not go to their home school?

    If you choose to request a transfer (a request is submitted at the Aslin Building on 1818 West Worley), then you would be responsible for providing transportation.  If an IEP team decision is made that your child would benefit from a classroom in a different building, then transportation will be discussed at the transition IEP meeting.

     When will I find out which teacher my child has?

    You will find out who your child’s kindergarten teacher is and who their therapists will be in August.

     How will I communicate with kindergarten teachers and therapists?

    Each team has a way of communicating with parents.  They will report on your child’s IEP goals every trimester and you will have an opportunity to participate in parent teacher conferences twice a year.

     Does my child have to be toilet trained to attend kindergarten?

    No, your child does not need to be toilet trained to attend kindergarten.

     What do I do if I choose not to send my child to kindergarten?

    If you make the choice to not send your child to kindergarten, please let your ECSE teacher know as soon as possible.  You, the parent, will contact your child’s home school in August regarding services that can be provided based on your child’s IEP.  You will be responsible for transporting your child to the school for therapies.

     Will my child receive services if I choose to send my child to a private school?

     Yes, you will contact your home school and you will be responsible for transporting your child to their home school for therapies.

     What services will be provided in kindergarten?

    Just like in ECSE, a full continuum of services are available and are based on your child's individual needs.  

    What will kindergarten look like for my child?

    Kindergarten services will be outlined in your child's Individualized Education Program. ECSE and Kindergarten teams will work collaboratively to ensure a smooth and easy transition to the elementary level.