Speech-Language Therapy

  • Our Early Childhood Special Education program provides speech and language services to students who qualify during the IEP process.  The services include, but are not limited to, the following:
       -  articulation
       -  receptive language
       -  expressive language
       -  fluency
       -  voice
       -  swallowing  
    Children qualify for speech-language services through the evaluation process and may qualify for a variety of service models.  At Columbia Public Schools, we are able to provide services in a variety of ways depending on the qualifications and needs of individual students.  Some therapists travel to homes, daycare centers, and preschools within the community, some provide itinerant services at a district location, and others are center based and provide services within specially designed early childhood education classrooms.  The speech language pathologists are able to incorporate a variety of communication modalities including but not limited to:  picture exchange, visual communication boards, speech output device, and sign language. 
    Tips and Handouts