• Early Childhood Discovery Center - on Rainforest Parkway
    901 Rainforest Parkway
    Columbia MO 65202 
    (573) 214-3430 
    Missing our Discovery family
    The Early Childhood Discovery Center is located at 901 Rainforest Parkway.  Within this building, there are four ECSE classrooms:
    • One classroom is a traditional ECSE classroom and serves students with a variety of needs 4 half days per week (one AM class and one PM class).  




    Peer models (preschool aged children with average to above average skills) participate in each of the ECSE classrooms at the Discovery Center alongside children who have an educational disability in one or more developmental areas. School hours at the Discovery Center are 8:20-11:20(AM class sessions) and 12:20-3:20(PM class sessions). 

    Special Building Policies:
    • Please remember that when you are dropping off or picking up your child, please wait in the lobby area to protect the confidentiality and uninterrupted learning of the other children within the building.
    • If you would like to observe your child within his/her classroom, please make arrangements with your child's teacher ahead of time. There will be a form you will need to fill out to document the time and date you wish to observe as well as some training on maintaining the confidentiality of the classrooms and other children.  
    • Please do not park in or drive through the drive directly in front of the building.  This area is reserved for school buses only and allows us to safely load and unload the children.
    Housed within this building are speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, deaf educators and physical therapists. Each classroom has a team of individuals working with the students within the classroom to ensure fluidity of goals and collaboration.  
    Information for Early Childhood Discovery Center Families: 

    Discovery Center Parent Handbook

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