• The Evaluation Team for Early Childhood Special Education is responsible for completing evaluations on children ages 3-5 when a disability is suspected. This team is located at the Center for Early Learning-North (CELN), but evaluations can be completed throughout the district as needed.  
    Referrals can be made by calling:  573-214-3950 (option #3).  
    The core Evaluation Team members are:
    Kim Linn-Educational Diagnostician 
    Kimberly Linn, Educational Diagnostician  
    Theresa Smith-Educational Diagnostician 
    Theresa Smith, Educational Diagnostician  
    Jamie Barbarick, Speech-language-pathologist
    Gina Gibson-Speech-Language Pathologist  
    Gina Gibson, Speech-Language Pathologist  
    Mary Ellen Ankeney-Occupational Therapist 
    Mary Ellen Ankeney-Occupational Therapist  
    Jennifer Highbarger-Physical Therapist 
    Jennifer Highbarger, Physical Therapist  
    Bethany Girard-Behavior Specialist 
    Bethany Girard, Behavior Specialist  
    Sara Stone-Autism Specialist 
    Christy Williams-Vision Specialist 
    Christy Williams, Vision Specialist  
    Andrea White-Deaf Educator 
    Deaf Educator  
    Not pictured-Nicole Hatchett, Hearing Impairment Specialist; 
    The evaluation process can take up to 90 days to complete.  Evaluations can be completed in any area in which a delay or disability is suspected. These areas include:
    • vision
    • hearing
    • health/medical
    • physical development (including fine motor skills such as writing, using a spoon and fork, using hands together to complete tasks, zipping a coat, and gross motor skills such as running, jumping, accessing playground equipment, ball skills, pedaling a trike, going up and down stairs)
    • cognition (learning ability, memory, play skills, attention)
    • concept development (pre-academic skills, including color knowledge, counting and numbers, shape identification, etc.) 
    • communication (including speech skills such as articulation, fluency and vocal quality, and language skills such as vocabulary, responding to questions, word and sentence construction skills and social language skills)
    • adaptive behavior (taking care of one's needs, toileting, dressing, feeding, and responses to sensory stimuli) 
    • social-emotional-behavioral development (including autism).