• At Benton STEM Elementary, we believe it is important to structure our environment for student success.  We do this by explicitly and directly teaching the expected behaviors through a tell, show, and practice instructional model.  On a weekly basis, Cool Tool lessons are taught that focus on successful school behaviors.  The expected behaviors are reinforced throughout the school by all adults using positive performance feedback and re-teaching as needed.  You can help your child be successful by reviewing these expectations at home on a regular basis.  You can find our PBIS parent brochure by going to https://goo.gl/zLjHa5. 


    Our 5 School Rules:

    We have developed 5 school-wide universal rules that are taught in all classrooms and settings at Benton.  Have your child share with you our five rules and the actions to go with them.

    Be Safe

    Be Respectful

    Be a Learner

    • Have a safe body


    • Use kind words and actions
    • Follow directions

    • Be engaged
    • Use tools appropriately


    School Expectations

    To teach our students expected behaviors, teachers use our Benton Expectations Matrix that outlines how students can be safe, respectful, learners in various setting around the school.  You can view our school matrix by going to https://goo.gl/x2W0o2.