Welcome to the LEAP classroom!!
    Lisa Zartman Amy Marrerro, SLP                                            
     Lisa Zartman,
    LEAP teacher
     Amy Marrerro,
     Tobi Linneman,
    Linda Doss,
    Instructional Aide
    LEAP is an early childhood special education classroom with a focus on speech, language and literacy skills.  The LEAP classroom is taught by Lisa Zartman, who is a certified speech-language-pathologist and Early Childhood Special Education teacher.  
    Students between the ages of 3 & 5 are placed in the LEAP classroom upon the recommendation of their IEP team based upon specific classroom criteria. 
    For a more detailed description of our classroom, look HERE.
    LEAP Families:
    Classroom information and policies can be found HERE
    LEAP Parent Survey can be found HERE
    A general schedule can be found HERE.   
    An optional supply list can be found HERE. 
    We ask for families to donate snacks if they are able - any store bought snacks with a nutritional label or whole fruits / vegetables are acceptable.  A snack list with ideas can be found HERE.