• Cogito.org – Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth online community of gifted students ages 13 to 18 who are interested in math, science, and technology. 


    TED Talks — We think this is a wonderful way to spend a free afternoon! Here are some of our favorites:

    Sir Ken Robinson on Creativity

    Adora Svitak on Childishness

    Hoagies Gifted Education page is the “all things gifted” website with comprehensive information for teens, parents, and educators. You will definitely find something of interest to you here!

    The Critical Thinking Community is an educational non-profit organization dedicated to promoting essential change in education and society through the cultivation of fair-minded critical thinking.

    SENG: Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted is an organization dedicated to educating parents and others to support gifted students and to learn about how best to deal with some of the particular social and emotional challenges that are prevalent among gifted individuals.

     Hickman Guidance Department includes a wealth of information for every student. Be in close communication with your counselor throughout high school. Don't miss out on important information. Seniors, please check out the scholarships monthly and apply! Your parents will thank you and you will feel very proud of yourself!


    Cappex is a source of help for sophomores, juniors, and seniors when putting together your plans for the future. I like the friendly look of the website, as well as the useful planning worksheets. I would love to sit down with each HHSEEE student and create a profile. If you start envisioning your future early, it will feel less overwhelming when the time comes.

    National Association of Gifted Children is the ultimate source regarding gifted education in the U.S. From definitions, to scholarships, to publications, you can find a wealth of information for parents and students.

    Gifted Association of Missouri has information regarding gifted education in Missouri. Find out how you can help to keep gifted education available to Missouri’s youth through advocacy. You will also find links to information regarding scholarships and awards.