Enrollment Online

  • Please be sure to enter DATES with proper formatting (i.e., 01/01/2020) or select dates from the calendar widget. If you have trouble moving forward with an application, review the formatting of any dates on the page you are on.

    Below are the steps to complete the Enrollment Online process for students eligible to attend Kindergarten through 12th grade, and Preschool students who have been approved for enrollment. You can also view a step-by-step video (link).

    When using the Enrollment Online system for the first time, you will register for an account and select your own user ID and password. Existing CPS Families Portal login information does not work with this system, but if you have or have had a student enrolled with us before, your information will be linked when we review your submitted application.

    If you have questions regarding the Enrollment Online forms, your child's school (based on home address), or any other registration question, please contact us at (573) 214-3414.

    If enrolling for the English Language Learner program (ELL or ESL), you may prefer to print out the required enrollment package (link) or contact the ELL Department for more information. Click here to visit the ELL Department website.
    Step 1 Use the School Locator Tool to find your student's school.
    Step 2 Register for or sign into Enrollment Online to begin completing the forms.
    Step 3 Submit the completed Enrollment Online.
    Step 4 Take all supporting documentation to your student's school.  Click here for a handy Checklist and the Release of Student Records form.