Printing Enrollment Forms

  • Printed Enrollment Forms


    Below are the steps to print an enrollment package.  However, we highly recommend and prefer online submission of enrollment forms.  If you do not have a laptop or desktop computer, enrollment kiosks are available at the board office! It is recommended that you call to confirm availability, then come in with your documents* and submit your online enrollment forms for new or returning students.  

    If you have questions regarding the contents of packages, your child's school of residence, or any other registration question, please contact the Registrar's Office at (573) 214-3414 or email

    Step 1    Use the School Locator Tool to find your student's school of residence.
    Step 2    Download and print the Enrollment Package from the appropriate section below. You may also download and print specific forms.
    Step 3    Take the completed forms to your student's school.