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Kindergarten FAQ

  • Who is eligible to enroll in kindergarten?

    Children who are five years old before August 1, 2021, may enroll in kindergarten for the 2021-22 school year.

    When is the first day of school?

    Kindergarteners start on Thursday, August 26. You can view the 2021-22 School Year Calendar updated on June 8, 2020 (link). For those attending Ridgeway, please check the Ridgeway website (link)

    How should parents and children enroll in kindergarten?

    You can begin the process by registering a new account using the online enrollment application (link). Parents should enroll their children at the elementary school that serves their neighborhood. Use the school locator (link) to determine the school your child should attend. Call the District Registrar at (573) 214-3414 if you need additional assistance. 

    What do I need to complete kindergarten registration?

    Please provide the student's birth certificate, immunization records, proof of legal residence and the student's social security card (requested, not required). Other supporting documents (link) may be needed. These documents can be uploaded in the online enrollment application (link).

    My child attends a CPS preschool program. Do I need to complete an enrollment form?

    No, your current enrollment will suffice. You need to bring your legal proof of residence to your school, and you may be asked to update your contact information. You also need to bring an updated immunization record.

    We just moved to the district, how do I enroll?

    Registration is available online https://www.cpsk12.org/enroll. Enrollment Online is available year-round to new and returning CPS families. The online format allows families to submit their responses to all of our standard enrollment forms as well as upload the required documents (immunizations, birth record, proof of residence). 

    What do I need to register?

    Registration forms can be completed online at https://homeaccess.cpsk12.org/EO_Parent/User/Login.aspx  

    If you prefer to print the application and submit it to Columbia Public Schools, you can find a printable application here.

    All documents that you will need can be uploaded: 

    • A copy of your child’s birth record (except for currently enrolled CPS Preschool students) 
    • A copy of your child’s immunization record 
    • Proof of residence (current water, electric or gas bill, home contract/lease showing address, or a notarized letter from the owner of the residence with whom the family is living and residence utility bill)

    How do I complete my registration?

    To complete the enrollment process, families must register for an account in Enrollment Online and where they can choose their own login ID and password. Once the enrollment is complete and student/contacts are in eSchool, the CPS active directory will assign the chosen login ID and password so families can log on to all CPS applications going forward.

    To start the enrollment process, choose “Register New Account.” You do not need a Parent Login-ID or Password to register a new account. 

    Note:  If you have previously used the Enrollment Online system or have a student already enrolled in the district, log into the system here:  https://homeaccess.cpsk12.org/EO_Parent/User/Login.aspx and use your previously selected username and password.

    If you have not used that system to enroll a student, please follow the link and select "Register New Account."  You will choose your own Login ID and Password.

    What else do I need to know? 

    Each child must enroll in the school that serves his or her attendance area. You can find your home school on our website at https://www.cpsk12.org/Page/12874 


    2021-22 Specific Questions

    I elected to homeschool my student for 2020-21, how do I know which grade to enroll my student in for 2021-22?

    You may enroll in Kindergarten or first grade.  Please talk with your building principal to decide which would be best for your child. You can find your home school building using our School Locator Tool: https://www.cpsk12.org/Page/599 

    I kept my student home for the 2020-21 school year, how do I enroll for Kindergarten?

    Kindergarten information will be available at cpsk12.org/enroll 

    I kept my student in preschool (non-accredited kindergarten program), how do I know which grade to enroll my student?

    Please talk with your building principal to decide the next steps for your student. You can find your home school building using our School Locator Tool: https://www.cpsk12.org/Page/599 

    My student attended a private or parochial school for kindergarten during the 2020-21 school year, how do I enroll in first grade?

    Please call your school to complete the enrollment process. You can find your home school building using our School Locator Tool: https://www.cpsk12.org/Page/599