• What is the Interagency Committee?  This is a committee of providers in the Boone County who can access a variety of support services for students and their families.


    Who is on the team?   

    • Courtney Pulley, Juvenile Office
    • Shireen Razavi, Boone County Family Resources
    • Kara Wilcox, Children's Division (formerly DFS)
    • Marlene Howser, Burrell Behavioral Health
    • Dan Ellis, Columbia Public Schools (Committee Chair)
    • Dr. Leslie Luchene, or a representative from Missouri University Psychiatric Center or MUPC will attend if the student has had an inpatient hospitalization at MUPC, or if arranged.
    • Other agencies working with the family may attend though they are not standing members (e.g. Central MO Regional Center, Division of Youth Services)

    Why make a referral to the team? 

     Several reasons for referral exist: 

    • if a student has special circumstances in his/her life that cause or contribute to a lack of school success
    • if the student has significant issues in the community
    • you can also refer the family to the Interagency Committee for comprehensive supports to adults and children

    Referrals are appropriate after your team has exhausted all resources at your disposal.  The Committee members will work with the parent/guardian to address these circumstances and arrange support for the student and family.  If you are unsure if a referral is needed, call Dan Ellis to discuss the situation (573-214-3740).


    How do schools refer the child/family? 

    • Call Dan Ellis (573-214-3740) to discuss the situation
    • If we decide that a referral is appropriate, please complete the Referral Form
    • Schools obtain signature from the legal guardian---this is required before a meeting can be scheduled---no exceptions. 
    • Schools FAX the signed referral form to the Special Services Department (573-214-3402), email to, or deliver the form to the Special Services Department @ 1818 W. Worley, Columbia.
    • We jointly schedule a day and time for the meeting
    • Schools notify the family and arrange for the family to participate---there is no notification to the family from the committee or the Special Services Department regarding the meeting time/date


    Dan Ellis
    Aslin Building
    1818 W. Worley
    Columbia, MO 65203

    Secretarial Support:  Doreen Grubicy

    Referral Form