AVID: Proven Achievement. Lifelong Advantage

    Columbia Public Schools implemented the AVID College Readiness System in the 2013-2014 School Year. Our seven middle schools, along with Battle High School, Hickman High School, and Rock Bridge High School, have AVID elective courses and use WICOR strategies in classrooms throughout their buildings.

    In 2019, we added our first AVID elementary, Alpha Hart Lewis. Beginning in the third grade, AHL students are taught academic behaviors and develop higher-level thinking that create a ripple effect in later grades. Our AHL Elementary students develop the academic habits they will need to be successful in middle school, high school, and college, in an age-appropriate and challenging way. These students learn about organization, study skills, communication, and self-advocacy. Our AHL AVID Elementary students take structured notes and answer and ask high-level questions that go beyond routine answers.

    The strong college-going culture on an AVID Elementary campus encourages students to think about their college and career plans. Schools cover their walls with college pennants and banners, and educators speak about their college experiences. College and careers are no longer foreign concepts, and teachers provide the academic foundation students need to be on a path for college and career success. AVID Elementary closes the opportunity gap before it begins.

    The Columbia Area Career Center has been providing professional learning opportunities for their faculty members since 2018. CACC teachers have attended CTE specific strands focused on incorporating WICOR strategies into their instructional toolbox to ensure students’ engagement, access to rigor, college success, and career readiness.



    Each AVID school has a group of instructional leaders that serve on the AVID Site Team. These teachers, counselors, and administrators work together to support the AVID College Readiness System in their building.  These individuals meet monthly to support both the AVID Elective teachers and the use of WICOR strategies by their colleagues. 



    Students interested in applying to become a secondary AVID Scholar should contact their current building's AVID Site Coordinator.  8th graders interested in applying to become an AVID Scholar in high school should contact the AVID Site Coordinator at that high school building.  Contact information can be found under the Contact Us page of this website. The application process includes a written application and an interview.  Final selections will be determined by the AVID Site Team in that building.   The recruitment and application process typically begins in January for the upcoming school year. Acceptance as an AVID Scholar is building-specific, so if a student transfers to another building in the district, they MUST contact that building's AVID Site Coordinator about acceptance. 

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Last Modified on November 9, 2021