Arrival and Dismissal

  • Our doors open bright and early at 7:20! Class starts at 7:40, so please have your child here no later than 7:35. If your child is eating breakfast at school please have them at school no later than 7:25. 
    We dismiss at 2:40. If for any reason your child's dismissal routine is going to be different you must call the office to let us know. As a safety precaution, we will not be able to take your child's word for this information. 

Snack and Water Bottles

  • Your child may choose to bring a snack to school. Each child is responsible for bringing their own snack. Only one snack per day, please!
    Your child may also choose to bring a water bottle to leave at their table during the day. Water only, please! (No juice or any other beverage.)  

Class Dojo

  • We LOVE Class Dojo! We use it in our class every day to track behavioral data, as well as post pictures and information about what we are learning! In order for Class Dojo to work it is very important that you check it regularly to see how your child is doing! This will give you the opportunity to give your child a pat on the back for getting green points, and have a discussion about any red points your child may have. You may also message me on Class Dojo!