Volunteer Opportunities

    The Spartan Alliance is entirely volunteer run and relies on everyone’s help to keep things moving at Battle High School. Volunteering not only benefits the Alliance but is also a way to assist your child’s club, sport, or activity financially.


    Concessions & Spirit Store

    The Alliance is responsible for running all concession stands and the spirit store at Battle High School. Signing up to help with either of these activities results in a “share” of the profit going to the organization of your choice. See the FAQs below for more information about how the share system works.


    For questions about volunteering for concessions, please contact Jenn Hartwick athartwickj@umsystem.edu, Bridget McGuire at mcguirebm2000@gmail.com, or Angie Rush at  arush372@gmail.com.


    For questions about volunteering for the spirit store, please contact Lori Bemis at loribemis@gmail.com, Phillip Dennis at philiprdennis@yahoo.com, Tim Echternach at techternach50@gmail.com, or Natalie Jones at blueflower@mchsi.com.


    Click here for Volunteer FAQ


    Click here to SIGN UP TO VOLUNTEER!!! 


    Building Volunteers

    Throughout the year, volunteers are needed for various events and activities at the school, such as Call to Battle, Battle for the Ages, Teacher Appreciation, Friday Teacher Coffees, Hyacinthia, WEED-a-PULL-ooza, and annual physicals.  Volunteering for these events earns your child’s club, sport or activity volunteer “credit” that they can use if/when they may need to request financial assistance from the Alliance to supplement their fundraising activities. For more information about grants and the volunteering requirements see the links below.


    Click here for Spartan Alliance Grant Requirements 


    For questions about being a building volunteer, please contact Lisa Bailey at lbailey11970@gmail.com.

    Opportunities for building volunteers will be posted in the Spartan Mailer and the daily Spartan mailer.



    The Spartan Alliance hosts one major fundraiser per year called Battle for the Ages. The one event is used to fund grants, scholarships and other causes the Alliance supports throughout the school year. The event requires substantial planning and work to pull off successfully. Everyone is welcome to attend any planning meeting and will receive volunteer “credit” for assistance with this fundraiser.  More information is located on the Battle for the Ages page.