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     What can we do for three weeks with the kids


    With the picture above ask the kids what they see, ask where's Elmo, what is yellow, can fish fly? etc..  get their minds a moving.  Make up your own scenes with the kids and have another family member have to answer the questions.


    Look outside a window and try to name as many things as you can and what they are doing. 


    Go outside and take a nature walk.

    Nature is everywhere I saw a worm today and I was not even trying. 



    Have a daily scavenger hunt , take a picture with phone of items you are going to hide in the house. Do this while kids are doing other things. Then hide the  stuff. Then show kids the picture and see if they can find the items. Talk about the items and go over what the items are and how they work.  Give kids new words to think about every day.


    Move obvious things around the house then ask the kids what does not belong? Like a frying pan on the couch or a tooth brush in the fridge. 



    Along the same lines draw a treasure map of your house and leave items that the little pirate will have to find. Give them the map... Again talk about what you are finding and how the item works. Talk like a pirate "rrrr matey " if you get really bored make them swab the deck.


    Taking from that idea show the kids how to do chores, folding, sweeping, dishes, loading & unloading. Good gross and fine motor for our wee ones. Make up some fun chores like brush mommies hair, put makeup on daddy.

    Have a spa day with family even the pets :)


    Other things you can do is freeze stuff (science for preschooler) talk about if things are cold or hot. Paint with ice cubes put food coloring in water in cup then freeze. Pop out and color with it.


    Remember what you liked as a kid , make a volcano a little vinegar and baking soda go a long way especially when you have made a paper crater around a glass.



    Dance Party,Yoga,Fart contest (requires specific food),Cook with your kids they love to stir things up and push buttons. 

    turtles high five


    In the picture above you can count items,  ask what walks, what swims, who flies, break into the baby shark song, ask who is getting a hug, who is hanging with friends, what is shiny, etc. Our students love the turtles above have them draw them a pic or make a story up about them.  Their names are Leroy, Shelly and Sheldon.



    Message from Mr. Popi   

    Hey all,

    Wanted to send everyone our Warm up body positions that we do each week in PE, It could be something our kiddos can do at home daily.  I also added a few Movement songs with links attached below. 



       popi 3 popi 2


     popi 1

    Shake and Move Song (By Patty Shukla)


    Tapping on my Sticks (Kathy Reid-Naiman)


    Shake your Body Down Movement Song (Laurie Berkner)




             Message from Raina Bueno   SLP     


    I saw something on Facebook today. Four ideas for playing with cups (speech and language focused)!

    1. Use the cup as a microphone to talk into or sing in. Child can work on requesting “more” or “my turn” or what song they want to play to sing to
    2. Stack the cups and make a tower. This can be used to work on turn taking and requesting “my turn” or “more”. You can also work on language/words: up, on, on top, help, uh oh (for when the tower falls down), down/fell down. You can also describe the tower: tall, short, big, small, colors, etc.
    3. You can use this stacking as articulation practice. If a kiddo has sound(s) he/she needs to practice, they can practice that sound in words or phrases and stack a cup every time they say the word/phrase with targeted sound. (let me know if this one doesn’t make sense and I can describe in a different way)
    4. Hide objects under the cups. If you have two of same object, child can work on matching. Child can also practice answer where (“where is it?”) and what (“what is it?”) questions. Child can also practice the preposition “under the cup”. You could also put the object on top of the cup and have the child practice preposition “on top”. You could make this a peek a boo game (for younger kiddos). Or make it into a game however you want!


    This website also has some free stuff that might be helpful for families: https://classroommagazines.scholastic.com/support/learnathome/grades-prek-k.html



    Here is another pic to look and find in⇓




    Hey this was on Jimmy Fallen  it is where famous folks are reading stories on instagram  


    Places for Parents to check out on the Web


    Fred Rogers Center


    Child Mind Institute


    This website also has some free stuff that might be helpful for families: https://classroommagazines.scholastic.com/support/learnathome/grades-prek-k.html


    Places for Kids


    Sesame Street 


     Library songs 


    Usher Alphabet song 






    Hey we will keep trying to add things, don't forget to keep in contact with your teachers by email they will contact you all as well by phone and by SEESAW.

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