1.      Turn off the television at least 2 days a week.  Parents and kids decide together which 2 days to turn it off.  

    2.     Listen to your child.  Have a family meeting for 1 hour 1 day at the same time each week.  It is a time for parents to listen to their children.  Find out about their friends, school, interests, etc.  Studies have found fathers on average spend 7 minutes per day talking with their children and mothers spend on average 20 minutes per day talking with their children.

     3.     Go to the library.  It is a time to check out books, but also a time for your child to see other people of all ages and races learning.

     4.     Every child in the house must have a daily or weekly chore.  Having responsibility at home will make your child responsible at school.

     5.     Have an after school schedule for your child.  Have a set bedtime each school evening. Did you  know elementary children need 10 hours of sleep each night?

     6.     Have a conversation with your child.  The child must speak in complete sentences and not answer with 1 or 2 words.  This will help increase vocabulary, which will help with testing later in the year.