• 7102PA – Exploring Computers in Business

    This is a daily twelve-week exploratory class.  Being computer literate is a necessity in this world. This 12 week, broad-based exploratory course will cover various aspects of using computers in today’s business world. The most fundamental component of using a computer however is being able to keyboard efficiently. Students will spend the first several weeks of this class learning or improving keyboarding skills. You will be amazed at how quickly your speed and accuracy will improve as you master these skills.  In addition to keyboarding techniques, Internet safety and research, MS Office suite for documents, publications, presentations and Photo Story will be practiced throughout the course. Come get tech savvy with us!

    Exploring Computers in Business

    Essential Objectives

    7107PA – Computers for the 21st Century

    This course is taught daily for one semester. This semester long course will provide a baseline of computer literacy skills and "21st century” competencies. Students will expand their creative computer abilities in keyboarding, presentations, desktop publishing, spreadsheets, Internet research and safety, Google Apps and Movie Maker.  .  Students will also be exposed to a variety of game-based learning activities to offer exploration of technology in a fun way!

    Computers for the 21st Century

    Essential Objectives

    7102PA – We're in Business

    This is a daily, one semester long course. Bill Gates made his first million before he was 30!  While just 28 years old, Mark Zuckerberg, owner of Facebook is worth $10 billion (2012).  What’s the secret to their success? Learn the concepts of economics roles and decision making, business operations, marketing, entrepreneurship, technology and careers in business through the creation of a teen-based business plan.>

    Whether you want to be the next Bill Gates or Oprah Winfrey and run your own business empire or you plan to be an average worker and consumer in a dynamic global economy, this class is for you!

    We're in Business

    Essential Objectives

    7705PA   Introduction to Computer Science 

    Intro to Computer Science is a course that aims to demystify computer science and show students that “coding” can be fun, collaborative, and creative. The daily one semester course is designed to motivate students to continue learning computer science to improve real world relationships, connections, and life. Course instructors will foster an environment of communal learning that emphasizes risk-taking and that success does not come on the first try, just like the world's most difficult problems aren't solved on the first try. Challenge is good when it is supported by plans and tools that lead to success. This course will help students persevere in solving problems. Key concepts taught in this course are…

    • What is computer science?
    • What is a computer scientist?
    • Applications of computer science
    • Basic understanding of binary
    • How to debug
    • How the Internet works
    • Programming concepts
    • Computational Thinking

    Introduction to Computer Science 

    Essential Objectives


    7142PA     Financial Fitness

    This is a daily, one semester long course.  This is an excellent course for any student, whether college-bound or entering the work force right out of high school. Do you want to be a millionaire before you’re 35? Do you want to learn good habits before you make mistakes that will put you in debt for the rest of your life?  Although the typical teen has limited income, you tend to spend a LOT of money!  Take Financial Fitness now and avoid the pitfalls of your peers who wait until later in life to learn how to make the most of their money. 

    Does your money make money?  How do you keep from being buried in debt?  How can you become a wiser consumer and make a better life for your family?  This class will help you prepare to live the life you deserve. Financial Fitness will explore the world of earnings and taxes, budgeting, banking, credit, saving and investing, and insurance.


    Please note:  Financial Fitness does not meet the Personal Finance requirement for graduation. However, it does build a good foundation for success in the Junior/Senior Personal Finance course.

    Financial Fitness

    Essential Objectives