• Middle School Business and Computer Education Courses


    7102PA – 6th Grade Exploring Computers in Business

    Emphasis: Technology Readiness & Digital Citizenship

    “Digital native does not mean tech savvy.  While most of our young people are glued to their technology, they are not skilled at using technology to solve problems.”  Source: Change the Equation

    This nine-week exploratory course covers fundamental computer skills needed in school and work.  Keyboarding, internet safety and research, productivity software and cloud-based technologies will be used to create documents, publications and presentations similar to what will be required in middle and high school classes as well as many professions. 

    6th Grade Exploring Computers Critical Concept


    7107PA – 7th Grade Business and Computers

    Emphasis: Career Readiness & Money Management

    Want to know what the future holds for you and how to reach your goals?  How are you going to earn and manage money to take care of yourself and your family?  

    This semester-long course will provide you with the opportunity to expand your creative computer abilities while investigating potential careers and basic money management topics. Improve your keyboarding, word processing, presentation, desktop publishing, spreadsheet, Internet research, cybersafety, and digital media skills and map out a path to a successful future.

    7th Grade Business and Computers Critical Concepts


    7102PA – 8th Grade Business and Computers

    Emphasis: Business Simulation

    Amazon, SnapChat, Fidget Spinners, Hot Box Cookies… Entrepreneurs drive the economy with imagination and determination to bring new products and services to consumers.  

    Whether you will be the next Mark Zuckerberg or work for one of thousands of businesses that already exist, you will need computer skills and an understanding of how the business world works.  This semester-long course will provide you with the opportunity to expand your creative computer abilities while building a foundation of business and leadership skills. Project-based learning will help give you a competitive edge in school, work and life.

    8th Grade Business and Computers Critical Concepts


    7705PA   Computer Science Discoveries (8th Grade) 

    Emphasis: Coding & Creating Applications

    Creative Computers is an advanced course that aims to demystify computer science and make “coding” and creating with computers fun and collaborative. You will learn basic coding concepts and problem-solving skills, with opportunities to explore various multimedia computer applications.  Project-based learning will provide you with “real-world” experiences to help prepare you for higher education and professions in the Information Age.

    Computer Science Discoveries Critical Concepts


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