• CPS Online courses are delivered in one of two ways:  Either in "Schoology" or "Apex."  Read on to find out how to access your course.

    Schoology-based Courses
    Students in Schoology-based Courses (i.e. those listed below) should see their online courses listed among their other courses in Schoology.  
    • AP Computer Science A
    • Career Exploration
    • Career Path Internship
    • Digital Film-making Essentials
    • Digital Media: Apps in the Cloud
    • Geospatial Technology
    • Health
    • Physical Education
    • Web Design Essentials
    Student access to Schoology:  https://cpsk12.schoology.com. Students will use email address as login (27bet01@stu.cpsk12.org) and the same password that they use to log onto the CPS computer network.  See your Media Specialist with questions about how to log into Schoology.
    Parent access to Schoology: Schoology.com (This link is different from student login.)  The username and passwords for Schoology for families is the same as your Home Access username and password. Click here for more information.
    Students using Schoology should watch the brief video below: 

    Apex-based Courses 
    Students NEW to Apex Courses will receive an email with instructions at their CPS student email address.   Students who have PREVIOUSLY TAKEN an Apex course should use their current Apex login ID & password.  Email dbones@cpsk12.org if you need it re-set.
    The first time you log into Apex Learning you will: (1) be prompted to change your password; (2) read and accept the Student Code of Conduct, and; (3) set up your account’s security questions. Once you have completed these steps you will see your dashboard. The dashboard displays the course titles you are enrolled in through Apex Learning.
    Before You start your course:
    1)  Students are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to COMPLETE THE APEX "Getting Started" COURSE (Apex login required):
    Apex Learning 
    2)  Students are encouraged to read the Student Getting Started Guide:   Apex Student Getting Started Guide
    3)  Students are encouraged to check out the CPS Online "Apex help" web page:  https://www.cpsk12.org/Page/12635
    4)  Watch the brief introductory video below: