• Accessing Your CPS Online Course(s)

    All CPS Online courses start in Schoology.  Students can access Schoology using the CPS Student Portal.  See your Media Specialist if you have questions about how to log into the Portal. 

    Once you have found your course in  Schoology, you will find additional information about your teacher, course objectives, etc., and whether your system will be taught in Schoology or EdGenuity.  You can also find out if your course is taught in Schoology or EdGenuity by checking our online course catalog.



    If your course is taught in Schoology, you will see the coursework in the course folder.  

    Schoology logo  



    If your course is being taught in EdGenuity, you will log into EdGenuity using the CPS Student Portal.  Look for the EdGenuity app icon.

    Edgenuity Icon  

    If the portal doesn't connect you to EdGenuity, you can access it directly by visiting their website. Please note that your login credentials include your full CPS email as the username and your student number as the password.
    Here are the full lists for middle school and high school of CPS Online courses, the platform on which they live, and the CPS course code.