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    How Do CPS Online Courses Work?

    • Students sign up for CPS Online classes with their counselor;
    • CPS Online courses are taught by CPS instructors;
    • Some courses are taught using the Columbia Public School's learning management system, Schoology while others utilize the Edgenuity platform;
    • CPS Online classes are offered in a scheduled, asynchronous mode. This means students can complete work any time of the day, as long as work is posted by specified due dates;
    • Teachers and students interact regularly through email, telephone conversations, and messaging;
    • Students are expected to check their CPS-issued email regularly for communications from their CPS Online instructor and from the CPS Online Program;
    • Students must have at least 1 hour of daily Internet access and a computer to take online courses;
    • There is no cost to students taking CPS Online courses* as long as the hours do not exceed the instructional hours of the school day;
    • CPS Online courses follow the same academic calendar as CPS face-to-face classes;
    • Students must have approval from their guidance counselor to take CPS Online courses;
    • Students have 14 days to review online courses;
    • Deadline for course withdrawal is the same as for face-to-face courses.

     Who teaches CPS Online classes?

    •  CPS Online courses are taught by certified CPS instructors;

    What are the expectations of a student taking a CPS Online course?

    • Students are expected to check their CPS school email regularly as well as check the (for Edgenuity courses) the Edgenuity message board;
    • Students are highly-encouraged to log in daily to the online course and complete assignments;
    • CPS Student Handbook/Guidelines apply to all CPS Online courses;

    Am I guaranteed a spot in the CPS Online class if I request one?

    • Just like face-to-face classes, placement is subject to availability of seats. 

    How do I know if my class is taught using "Edgenuity" or "Schoology"?

    • General information about which "platform" is course is taught on should be included in the students"welcome" letter;

    What are the technical requirements for accessing a CPS Online course? 

    • Schoology Courses: If you are running into technical issues with Schoology courses contact the CPS Instructional Technology "HELP" desk:  573-214-3333 (M-F, 7am-6pm) or email them at helpdesk@cpsk12.org
    • Edgenuity Courses: If running into technical issue with Edgenuity courses, check out these resources:  Edgenuity Support, 877-202-0338, CustomerSupport@edgenuity.com, Monday–Friday: 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. (EST) , Saturday–Sunday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (EST)

    When does my child have access to the course?

    • Students will receive an email to their CPS student email at the beginning of each semester informing of their login ID and password.

    What if I don't have Internet access at home? Can I still take the course?

    • Coursework does require internet access and while it may be possible to complete all assignments while on campus it is highly recommended that students be prepared to work on their course from home as well if need be. Through their "Wireless @ Home" program, Columbia Public Schools makes free filtered wireless internet access available at home for students meeting certain criteria (depending on service area). See your building's Media Specialist for more information about availability of CPS "Wireless @ Home."
    How does my child contact the instructor?
    • Students should receive an email that includes information about how to contact their instructor.  Alternatively, students can go to the CPS Online web page for a list of current online instructors: https://www.cpsk12.org/Page/12662
    How do I know if I am a good candidate for a CPS Online class?
    • Taking an online class is not for everybody. Students who are considering taking an online course(s) should reflect on their personal skill before choosing to take a course(s) online. The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has identified the following personal skills as important to a student’s success when taking an online course:
          Computer literate/tech savvy
          Efficient time manager
          Possess effective writing and communication skills
    How will I find out how to access my CPS Online class once enrolled?
    • There will be an orientation event scheduled at each of the comprehensive high schools early in the semester for all students taking one or more online courses;
    • Students should check their school email for the dates/times of these orientations. Orientation times will also be posted on the CPS Online web page;
    Is my child required to take a CPS Online class?
    • No. CPS Online courses are not required; rather they are an option
    Do CPS Online courses follow the same curriculum as the face-to-face classes?
    • CPS Online courses use district-approved curriculum.
    Can my child take more than one CPS Online course during a semester?
    • Yes, a student may take more than one online course per semester. HOWEVER: (1) The total student course load (CPS Online and face-to-face classes combined) cannot exceed 8 classes/semester, and; (2) students should keep in mind that online courses are rigorous and require regular attention.

    How Does My Child Sign Up For An Online Course?

    • Students sign up for CPS Online classes with their counselor;
    • Students must have approval from their guidance counselor to take CPS Online courses;
    How Do Final Exams Work For CPS Online Courses?
    • CPS Online courses  that require a semester final exam will be taken at a school location and proctored by a proctor designated by the program . Finals for online courses take place the same week as for face-to-face classes.
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