• CPS Online courses are taught by Columbia Public Schools teachers.  See below for a list of this semester's online teaching faculty!
Name Course(s) Email Home Building Summer School?
Adams, Susie Driver Education sadams@cpsk12.org BHS Yes
Bazat, Jeff PE1, PE2 jbazat@cpsk12.org RBHS Yes
Beltz, Rex Astronomy rbeltz@cpsk12.org RBHS Yes
Bones, David CPS Online Program Coordinator dbones@cpsk12.org Aslin Yes
Briscoe, Kristen Language Arts 8, Social Studies 8 kbriscoe@cpsk12.org SMS No
Clemens, Nicole AP Literature & Composition nclemens@cpsk12.org RBHS No
Cochran, Jeff Digital Filmmaking Essentials, Digital Media: Apps in the Cloud jcochran@cpsk12.org CACC Yes
Dunn, Julia Introduction to Art jgrant@cpsk12.org HHS No
Elsbury, Stacy Personal Finance selsbury@cpsk12.org RBHS Yes
Frieda, Brianna Music Appreciation, MS Music bfrieda@cpsk12.org OMS Yes
Gooch, Teresa Health tegooch@cpsk12.org HHS Yes
Graham, David Creative Writing, World History dgraham@cpsk12.org RBHS Yes
Graham, Kerri Biology kgraham@cpsk12.org RBHS No
Harman, Stephanie Chemistry, Physics, Physical Science sharman@cpsk12.org RBHS No
Jacqin, Angel Algebra 1, Pre-Calculus arenick@cpsk12.org RBHS No
Joyce, Jessica French 1, French 2 jjoyce@cpsk12.org JMS No
McConnell, Melissa MS Digital Art & Design MS 2D Studio Art mmconnell@cpsk12.org OMS No
McCray, Burke AP Calculus AB bmccray@cpsk12.org RBHS No
McKenzie, Amy Forensics amckenzie@cpsk12.org RBHS No
Osborn, Anna English 9, 10 & 11, Classic Novels and Author Studies aosborn@cpsk12.org JMS No
Poehlman, Virginia Environmental Science AP Environmental Science vpoehlman@cpsk12.org RBHS Yes
Reed, Austin US Government areed@cpsk12.org RBHS Yes
Reed, Rachel Career Exploration, Career Path Internship rreed@cpsk12.org RBHS Yes
Reichlin, Vera Algebra 2 vreichlin@cpsk12.org RBHS No
Sasser, Patrick AP Computer Science A psasser@cpsk12.org CACC No