• Wondering if a CPS Online Course is For You?

    According to the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, students who are considering taking an online course(s) should reflect on their personal skill before choosing to take courses online. They have identified the following personal skills as important to a student’s success when taking an online course:

    • Self-motivated
    • Committed
    • Responsible
    • Independent
    • Computer literate/tech savvy
    • Efficient time manager
    • Possess effective writing and communication skills
    In addition, for students taking courses using Edgenuity it is recommended that they possess the following technology skills:


    • Install and configure an Edgenuity Learning supported web browser and browser plug-ins
    • Use a web browser to access the internet
    • Sign in to the Edgenuity Learning web site
    • Use a search engine
    • Upload and download files
    • Play videos and audio files
    • Use headphones

    Word Processing

    • Create new documents
    • Open and edit documents
    • Save and print documents
    • Use formatting such as bulleted and numbered lists
    • Copy, cut, and paste text
    • Use a spell checker, dictionary, and thesaurus


    • Create and send an email message
    • Attach files to an email message
    • Receive and reply to messages
    • View and save email attachments
    • Scan and send documents

    World Language Courses

    • Use a microphone
    • Use audio recording software