• Students in Schoology-based Courses (i.e. those listed below) should see their online courses listed among their other courses in Schoology:
    • AP Computer Science A
    • Career Exploration
    • Career Path Internship
    • Digital Earth
    • Digital Filmmaking Essentials
    • Digital Media: Apps in the Cloud
    • Geospatial Technology
    • Health
    • P.E.
    • Web Design Essentials
    Student access to Schoology:  https://cpsk12.schoology.com  Students will use email address as login (27bet01@stu.cpsk12.org) and the same password that they use to log onto the CPS computer network.  See your building's Media Specialist with questions about how to log into Schoology.   
    Parent access to Schoology: Schoology.com (This link is different from student login.)  The username and passwords for Schoology for families is the same as your Home Access username and password. Click Schoology help for more information.