tech ed

High School Technology Ed. Standards

  • Standard One Title: Creative Process

    1. Selects an appropriate systematic problem-solving approach for a given scenario.
    2. Works as a team member to fulfill a specific function needed by a team to achieve an overall desired result.
    3. Identifies and demonstrates the use of a variety of information resources.
    4. Is able to demonstrate a willingness to design and try alternative solutions.
    5. Demonstrates efficient use of resources.

    Standard Two Title: Use of Technology

    1. Explains how technology extends our human capabilities.
    2. Explains by example the 10 characteristics of technology.
    3. Uses the universal system model.
    4. Demonstrates the implications of using a particular technology.

    Standard Three Title: System Analysis

    1. Identifies the components of a system.
    2. Identifies the various resources a “complex” system uses to accomplish its desired result.
    3. Determines how a “complex” system accomplishes its desired result.
    4. Identifies the feedback components of a system and determines appropriate sensors and comparators.
    5. Provides suggestions to improve a “complex” system.

    Standard Four Title: Connections

    1. Demonstrates the relationships of technology to other disciplines.
    2. Hypothesizes on how past technological innovations occurred or couldn’t be produced (e.g. pyramids of Egypt, designs of Leonardo DaVinci).
    3. Theorizes why different cultures provided various technological innovations.
    4. Develops a working model of a system which illustrates environmental factors.

    Standard Five Title: Social Impact

    1. Discusses the need for life-long technological learning.
    2. Demonstrates adaptability in solutions using technology.
    3. Discusses the advantages/disadvantages for the uses of technology.
    4. Demonstrates the influences of technology and its impact on society using systems analysis.
    5. Demonstrates the influence of technology on a specific environmental problem using systems analysis.

    Standard Six Title: Trends, Forecasting and Assessment

    1. Demonstrates the ability to access information in a variety of ways.
    2. Engineers a solution based on the analysis of information and usable data.
    3. Proposes or models possible future solutions, trends, or applications of technology.

    Standard Seven Title: Use of Technical Information

    1. Uses manuals and/or electronic media to access specific data to solve a problem.
    2. Applies information gained from research with impacts in mind.
    3. Accesses information and distinguishes between acceptable and non-acceptable solutions

    Standard Eight Title: Tools & Equipment

    1. Identifies specific tools, equipment, machines, or systems for a particular application.
    2. Applies the safe and proper use of tools, equipment, machines, or systems.
    3. Applies specific tools, equipment, machines, or systems in a safe manner to produce a self-initiated quality product.
    4. Practices proper care and maintenance of the work environment.

    Standard Nine Title: Materials

    1. Identify types of resources.
    2. Distinguishes appropriate characteristics and properties in utilizing resources and materials.
    3. Understands and applies proper uses of materials.
    4. Applies appropriate engineering and manufacturing processes.

    Standard Ten Title: Engineering

    1. Analyzes a device and demonstrates how it fits with the universal systems model.
    2. Uses the creative design process to analyze and produce a working model.
    3. Demonstrates pros and cons of current engineering solutions.
    4. Devises a solution to a desired outcome based on optimization of materials.
    5. Researches, analyzes, and predicts the impact of an engineered design by constructing a model.
    6. Generates an environmental impact statement using a variety of community resources on a proposed engineering solution.
    7. Develops a model or product which demonstrates the necessary quality of product or service.

    Standard Eleven Title: Career Development

    1. Identifies possible career opportunities.
    2. Demonstrates appropriate employability skills.
    3. Describes training process for possible employment or mobility.
    4. Predicts future employment changes (understands economics of job market and possibilities of employment).
    5. Investigates School-to-Work opportunities.