• Being a successful online learner requires self-motivation, discipline, self-advocacy and planning.  Here are several sources of advice to online learners:
    1)  Check out advice from the CPS Online teachers:  
    2)  Apex Learning Systems provides a handout that you might find help.  
    3)  In addition, we suggest the following 10 tips for a successful online experience:
    Tip #1
    Know how your course works.  For Apex students, make sure to complete the student "Getting Started:  Courses" orientation for Apex courses (Found in the "Help" section.)
    Tip #2
    Review your course syllabus and due dates.  Although Due dates act more as a "pacing guide" than a hard due date, it is important to keep up with your work. The syllabus can help you to anticipate what the work load in your course will be like
    Tip #3
    See if you have access to course worksheets on Google Drive (Apex Courses only).  Although the course is taught online, some students prefer to print these resources out and work on them in pen/pencil before submitting them online.
    Tip #4
    Contact your teacher and introduce yourself. Send your teacher an email introducing yourself.  This way you will confirm that you know how to contact them if you should need help
    Tip #5
    Develop a routine and treat your online course as if it were a face-to-face course.  Schedule time EACH DAY to complete your coursework so it doesn't get left for the “last minute.”
    Tip #6 
    Make sure you know where to get help.  
    Tip #7 Know where the info is.  Check your school and/or Apex email regularly *and* (if an Apex course) check the Apex Message Center for updates/information form your teacher.  
    Tip #8 Know how to upload/submit an assignment in Apex or in Schoology.
    Tip #9
    Ask questions if you don’t understand something or don’t know how to do something.
    Tip #10  Don't panic.  If you see that you are behind, don't panic....part of the benefits of working online is flexibility regarding when your work on your course.  It takes a little while to adjust to this.  Keep in mind that late work isn't penalized in an online course.  However, make sure to give yourself enough time to work on your course....and don't leave everything to the last minute! There are no extensions in an online course!