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  • Kindergarten enrollment for the 2023-24 school year is now open! Columbia Public Schools offers two options for kindergarten enrollment, either online or using a paper form and making an appointment with their home school. You can use the school locator (link) to determine your school.

    Of note, the boundaries for the 2023-24 school year are updated. You can find your updated school location by clicking on the school locator icon below and selecting 2023-24 for accurate information about your attendance areas.
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    Please remember to prepare the documents you'll need (as noted below).

    Online Enrollment Application

    Columbia Public Schools parents can now begin to enroll their new kindergarten student using a secured, online application. If your child is enrolled in a CPS Preschool, ECSE or PEERS, please do not fill out the online application. The online application is available here (link), for families to start the process:

    • Select the "Register New Account" (link) option if you are new to the school district.

      Kindergarten Online Application Enrollment Start
    • If you previously used the online enrollment application enter your username and password.  

    It is important for families to complete the entire process to ensure their child is enrolled for the upcoming school year. Once you have completed the online enrollment application and have uploaded the required documents, you must contact your student’s school (link) to verify you have completed your application.

    The school registrar will then verify your application, activate your information in our system and you will receive two automated emails. The first one will include your Guardian(s) ID. The second email will include your password so you can log in to the CPS Families Portal. You may receive these emails several days after you initially submit the application. 

    Families may also enroll their student during the Kindergarten Open Houses (link available soon) or contact their home school to schedule an appointment to enroll their student.

    Paper Application

    Families may also use a paper application (link) to begin the enrollment process. 

    Important Documents to Prepare

    Please prepare these documents for kindergarten registration. Note: If your child is enrolled in a CPS Preschool, ECSE or PEERS you only need to bring an updated immunization card and proof of residence.

    1. Birth certificate issued by Bureau of Vital Statistics (except for currently enrolled CPS Preschool students)
    2. A copy of your student's immunization record
      Please review immunization requirements for Missouri (link).
    3. Proof of residence (current water, electric, or gas bill, home contract/lease showing address, or a notarized letter from the owner of the residence with whom the family is living and residence utility bill).

    Other supporting documents (link) may be needed.