• Wondering if a CPS Online Course is For You?
    According to the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, students who are considering taking an online course(s) should reflect on their personal skills before choosing to take courses online. They have identified the following personal skills as important to a student’s success when taking an online course:
    • Self-motivated
    • Committed
    • Responsible
    • Independent
    • Computer literate/tech savvy
    • Efficient time manager
    • Possess effective writing and communication skills


    CPS Online Summer School Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

    • Online courses begin Monday, June 4, and end Thursday, June 28;
    • Students can work on coursework any time of the day/night to meet the assignment due dates;
    • Students can work on coursework anywhere that is convenient to them (i.e. do not need to report to school to work on their course);
    • In most--but not all--online courses due dates are intended to act as a "pacing guide"--there is typically no penalty for late work.  Some do have hard and fast due dates. HOWEVER students are strongly encouraged to keep up with their assignments!
    • Students must have appropriate technology with the ability to run audio and video applications. CPS-issued laptops are suitable for online courses;  
    • Reliable, Internet access must be available on a daily basis at home or another location in order to access the course content.  Ask your building's Media Specialist about the "CPS Wireless@ Home" program if reliable internet access is an issue for you;
    • Students are required to use their CPS student e-mail account to communicate with the instructor AND regularly check their Schoology/Apex announcements. 
    • Non-CPS students should contact the CPS Tech Services Help Desk (573-214-3333,  helpdesk@cpsk12.orgMonday - Friday 7am - 6pm) for this if needed;
    • Online courses that include a final exam require proctored exam with the instructor. The date/time/location of the exam will be communicated by the instructor near the end of the semester;
    • CPS Online summer school courses follow the same calendar as face-to-face summer school classes:
      • AUTOMATIC DROP DUE TO INACTIVITY/lack of attendance=Friday, June 15th;
      • Last day to drop without penalty=Friday, June 22nd;
      • Finals=June 28-29 (schedule to be announced)
    • Summer school teachers will be contacting students before the start of summer school. Summer school teacher contact info is also listed on the CPS Online staff info web page.
    CPS Online Summer School Course Offerings

    Online courses are graded on the regular CPS grading scale. Guidelines for dropping an online course are the same as for all other summer school courses. Pass/fail is not an option for online courses except under special circumstances, such as long term illness or due to an accommodation in a special education IEP or 504 Plan. All courses require students to take a proctored final exam during the last week of summer school, in person at their home school/building or at the Aslin building​.

    CPS Online Summer School Orientation Schedule
    Summer school online classes are designed to complete an entire semester’s worth of material in less than 4 weeks. Given this, it is important to not waste time learning how to learn online. Attending an orientation session is INVALUABLE to help you succeed in your online course. Click here for the 2018 Online Summer School Orientation Schedule (Coming soon!).
    How To Access Your Course(s)

    Career Exploration
    Digital Media:  Apps in the Cloud
    P.E. 1
    P.E. 2
    Creative Writing
    Media Literacy
    Multicultural Studies
    Personal Finance
    Art Appreciation
    Music Appreciation
    Students should use the SAME Schoology account login/password combination that they do during the regular school year.
    Students should check their Schoology account after May 26th for course access.
    Non-CPS students should contact the CPS Tech Services Help Desk (573-214-3333,  helpdesk@cpsk12.org, Monday - Friday 7am - 6pm) for this information.

    Students should check their CPS SCHOOL EMAIL after May 27th for Apex course access/login information.  
    Non-CPS students should contact the CPS Tech Services Help Desk (573-214-3333,  helpdesk@cpsk12.org, Monday - Friday 7am - 6pm) for this information.

    Video Tutorial
    Best Practices
    PDF with some great tips for Apex users AND some "how to" videos that do not require an Apex account/login...a GREAT way to get a jump on knowing how to use Apex!  Apex Best Practices For Getting Started!
    Apex Video Tutorials 
    A series of videos that will give you an idea of what Apex is like.  No login/password required so you can do this NOW!!

    Have More Questions? Join us for the Summer School Orientation Webinar (Same content repeated 4 times):
    Thursday, May 3, 8:00 pm
    Thursday, May 10, 8:00 pm
    Thursday, May 17, 8:00 pm
    Thursday, May 24, 8:00 pm
    The link to these webinars will be emailed to students and parents in early May.

    Need to Drop Your Summer School Online Course?
    Contact Ann Landes in the CPS Summer School Office if you want to DROP your online course:
    Phone: 573-214-3995, ext. 25785
    Fax: 573-214-3986
    Email: summerschool@cpsk12.org