• 8th Grade Computers is a semester long course which teaches computer skills using a business emphasis. Students learn the fundamentals of business and money management as they learn computer skills. 

    During the semester students will work through the following subjects and skills:

    • Using Google Apps to collaborate,
    • What a Business is and the role businesses play in our larger community,
    • Learning what is money, how it works, and how to manage it,
    • Learning about the economics of the larger economy and what businesses need to do to survive,
    • Determining how to manage and keep track of finances using spreadsheets,
    • Presenting and "selling" their ideas to a larger audience,
    • Being creative, innovative and thinking "outside the box" to come up with a sellable idea of their own,
    • Determining who their customers are and how best to reach them with their products or services,
    • Coming up with a Marketing Strategy that involves a variety of print, digital and social media,
    • Determining Cost and Pricing of their products or services by utilizing Supply and Demand principles,

    My teaching philosophy is that students learn best when the teacher gets out of the way and they can work on their own. So I try to be more of a Facilitator and Resource than standing in front of the class and lecturing. We begin the class with discussions about What is a Business, What is Money and Basic Economics. After that they work mostly on their own or in small groups to come up with their own business ideas and plans.

    We use a Learning Management System, Schoology for keeping track of our assignments, projects, classwork and quizzes. It allows our students a large degree of flexibility in how, when and where they can learn. Since it is Internet-based students can work and learn anywhere they have access to the Internet and on any device. You will be able to find everything you need to know there.

    Almost every assignment, project or quiz has an associated video to help the student to understand the concept or skill they need to complete their work. Also, assignments and projects come with a rubric for grading. 

    Finally, most assignments and project can be "redone" to learn the skills necessary for completing the work. My motto is "Fail often to succeed sooner!"

    If you have any questions please feel free to email me at: chhoover@cpsk12.org.