Columbia Transition Team

Columbia Transition Team Preparing Youth for their future
  • The Columbia Transition Team (CTT) is composed of community agency representatives who work together to identify common goals, develop action plans, solve problems, and encourage interagency collaboration, creating community training and supports for students with disabilities and their families. 

    Our Vision:

    Imagine your child’s teacher, grandparent, friends, administrators, employer, neighbor, case manager and other service providers, together in a room.

    Assisting. Guiding. Advising. Encouraging.

    Raising the bar and being there to promote success. Our network is that room and we’re here to provide supports and resources for people with diverse abilities, and those who join them on their journey. 

    Our Mission:

    Our mission is to provide information, resources, supports, and education to youth with disabilities and their caregivers as they transition from childhood into adulthood that will increase the likelihood of them achieving a purposeful life within the community. This will be accomplished through referrals, networking, collaboration between CTT members and providing and participating in educational seminars, conferences, and resource fairs for individuals with disabilities, families, service providers, community members, employers, and educators.