• Welcome to Samantha Kiesewetter's page!

     Husband Jeremy  

     Niece Elizabeth

    This summer I went to the Lake of the Ozarks several times (working on driving the boat!!),

    got to take a trip to Florida with my husband's family, became an aunt, and worked at

    Hokulia!...If you haven't had some shaved ice yet...visit me next summer! The pictures to the

    right are me and my husband, Jeremy, and me and my niece, Elizabeth! This is my fourth

    year teaching at Rock Bridge. I graduated from RB, went to Mizzou for my undergrad

    and masters, and am excited to continue experiencing teaching at RB! This year I will have

    Geometry and Precalculus students. I am eager to get to know all of my students. Math is

    important...but kids are more!

    Contact: (I will respond more quickly to e-mail, as I have more
    opportunities during the day to check that than my classroom phone
    1. Email: skiesewetter@cpsk12.org
    2. Phone: 573-214-3100 Ext: 33134