• Introduction:

    At Jefferson Middle School: A STEAM Academy, we strive to live our mission of, "developing curious minds into compassionate, connected citizens... one student at a time." We believe through focusing on each student as an individual, we are able to best meet their individual needs, develop meaningful relationships, and facilitate the educational opportunities to best fit them. JMS is a unique and special community of learning. Our proud tradition of excellence started in 1910 and continues to this day. Our utilization of STEAM and Project Based Learning initiatives provide experiences for our students unlike any other. 

    We have a common belief that every child can learn and have success. Success comes in many forms and is reflected in treating each student as an individual. JMS is a school community that is highly integrated and diverse. As a lottery school, we have students that represent all parts of Columbia. We believe our unique community provides our students with excellent education and preparation for our ever-changing world. 

  • Strengths:

     Our consistent and intentional focus on proven instructional strategies and a positive school climate continues to make Jefferson Middle School: A STEAM Academy, an excellent home of learning. We have a comprehensive focus on literacy, project-based learning, and STEAM principals that effectively prepare students for the rigors of high school and beyond. Our students participate in extensive extracurricular activities which enhance and expand learning beyond the traditional classroom setting. Activities ranging from athletics, competitive science and math clubs, robotics, arts, drama, and many others expand our students' learning opportunities. Our partnerships with Columbia College, the United Methodist Church, and Boone Hospital, provide opportunities for our students to have regular access to college level curriculum and instruction, real world employment exposure, and student assistance.



    Over the past two years, JMS has developed an extensive program of Positive Behavior Support through our GRIP Cyclone Expectations. These efforts have seen a tremendous impact on student behaviors and a reduction in negative outcomes. Students feel good about coming to school each day and that culture impacts each individual student and our ability to meet their needs. 


    Areas of Growth:

    As we continue to foster our mission, we look to the future as we continue to grow and integrate our STEAM learning opportunities. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. Through STEAM integration, we provide a collective effort to personalize learning with critical thinking, collaboration, and student interest.


    Vision Connection:

    As the vision of Columbia Public Schools is to be the best school district in our state. Our school mission, "developing curious minds into compassionate, connected citizens... one student at a time," will allow us the focus to assist in meeting that vision. We believe our school community provides the community for learning to meet that mission and beyond.