• Tutoring:

    Math tutoring is available during the school day in room 123.  Utilize this opportunity to get extra help during Advisory and AUT.
     1A  Ms. Kanago  1B  Mr. Martin
     2A  Mr. Willcox  2B  Mrs. Ernst
     3A  Mr. Taylor  3B  Ms. Reichlin
     4A  Mr. Showalter  4B  Mr. McCray

    Tutoring with Mrs. T:

    Before school 8:20a-8:50a room 137 ("A" days) or 136 ("B" days).
    After school:  Tuesdays and Thursdays until 5:30; otherwise by appointment

       Parents!  Things to note...

    • Homework is almost daily in Algebra 1 - ask to see it; follow along with the assignments on Schoology.
    • Check Home Access often!
    • Stress the need for neat, complete and accurate work.
    • Encourage your student to use the online resources to study and prepare for exams - start early.
    • Contact the teacher as soon as possible when you have a question or concern.
    • Emphasize the need for completing make-up work and/or late work in a timely matter.
        Students!  Things to note...

    • Be in class everyday.  You can get help from me before or after school, however, there is no substitute for being in class.
    • Check Home Access often - keep track of your work and grades.
    • Just because you understand the way I do a problem in class, it doesn't mean YOU can do it too.  Try the examples yourself during your study time.
    • Work with your classmates - face to face - correct each other, explain problems to each other, talk about the math.
    • There are no "stupid" questions - ask the teacher; ask your classmates.
    • Put away your cell phone - your next text can wait - when in class, math is your focus.
    • Be timely about completing make-up/late work - you don't want to get further behind.