AEO: Achievement, Enrichment, and Opportunity

A Message from Dr. Peter Stiepleman
Frequently, I get asked these two questions:
  1. "How do you go about leading reform?"
  2. "What do you do  as the superintendent?"
Neither of these questions get at the core of what I think people are really  asking me. What they're trying to discern is why do public schools exist? That's a reasonable question. This is what I believe: I believe that schools exist to allow access. 
  • Access to a great curriculum;
  • Access to skilled teachers and a nurturing environment;
  • Access to experiences beyond the core curriculum;
  • Access to interest-based activities before and after school; and
  • Access to school--we must be a system that eliminates barriers for children. 
I have framed this issue of access into three letters. Three vowels, actually, because like vowels, these three words serve as the core--they represent the WHY  for everything we do.
I encourage you to view the video linked to this page (the link shown at upper right--"AEO Video: Who Writes Your Story?"). I explain AEO and how AEO is a belief system that is more important today than ever before. We want all of our children to be able to access an excellent education. I'm committed to that. 

Vision, Mission,
Purpose, Values
Big Rocks:
Get them to school,
keep them in class,
catch them up
District Scorecard
 MAP data: African-
American students
 MAP data: Students
eligible for 
free or
reduced-price lunch
 Vision, Mission, Purpose, and Values  Get them to school, keep them in class, catch them up CPS District Scorecard    MAP data on African-American students  MAP data on students eligible for free or reduced-price lunch
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