• Algebra I

          Teacher:  Mrs. Janet Thompson

    **E-mail:  jathompson@cpsk12.org**

    Telephone:   806-333-8820

    Conference Period: 3B room 136

    Website: www.cpsk12.org/rbhs à  staff directoryà find me!


    Course Description:  The content of Algebra 1 is organized into approximately 8 units of study.  Within each unit of study, students will explore conceptual understanding of concepts gain fluency with skills and apply this learning to real world scenarios.  


    Semester 1                                                                 


    Unit 1 Functions

    Unit 2 Rate of Change/Linear Functions

    Unit 3 Solve & Graph Inequalities

    Unit 4 Statistics


    Semester 2


    Unit 5 Systems of Equations and Inequalities

    Unit 6 Polynomials

    Unit 7 Quadratic Functions

    Unit 8 Exponential Functions


    Expectations:  Algebra 1 is a rigorous course with high expectations for all.  Students are expected to participate in class daily and be prepared with completed assignments and necessary materials.  You will be asked to work cooperatively with other classmates and communicate your thinking verbally and in writing.  Students will be assessed based on evidence of growth and eventual mastery of each unit of study. 


    Grading System:  The following letter grades will be assigned:


    A    94-100

    A-   90-93

    B+  87-89

    B    83-86

    B-   80-82

    C+  77-79

    C    73-76

    C-   70-72

    D+  67-69

    D    63-66

    D-   60-62

    F    < 59


    Semester Grade:

    Semester 1:                                                     Semester 2:

                *Classwork - 10%                                           *Classwork - 10%

                Test - 75%                                                       Test - 75%

                Final - 15%                                                     EOC - 5%

                                                                                      Final - 10%


    *Classwork may consist of homework assignments, in class work, and progress checks.

    Grades will be kept current and may be viewed on Home Access.


    Late WorkAssignments are accepted and given full credit up to the due date.  Keep in mind that assignments are learning opportunities and class activities will include a discussion of the homework.  Untimely completion of homework results in the loss of learning opportunities.  Any work turned in after the due date will result in a 25% deduction.


    Tutoring:  Please be proactive seeking help if needed!  The math tutoring room is open during each block of the school day from 8:55 am – 4:05 pm, in room 123.  (It’s closed during A Lunch.)  Stop by during your AUT or Advisory time and take advantage of this resource! 


    Additional tutoring is available at the following times:

                Before School in room 137 (A Days) or 136 (B Days) at 8:30am.



    Students should expect to take notes daily.  Students will develop an INB – Interactive Note Book where all foldables and notes will be kept.  A 3-ring binder to keep Study Guides and Tests will help immensely.  Organization is important:  “If you can’t find it, you can’t use it to learn!” 


                            Laptop and stylus                            Composition Notebook for INB

                            INB Pack                                        1in. 3 ring binder                   

                               - Glue                                              To keep Study Guides and Tests

                               - Scissors

                               - Ruler or Protractor

                               - Markers/Colored Pencils  



    *Calculator:  I provide a classroom set of calculators (TI-84 Plus).  Students are not allowed to take these calculators out of the classroom, but you can download Wabbitemu from the Software Center for practice outside of class.


    Textbook:  The Algebra 1 curriculum is online and may be accessed from the student portal.  Username: email address; Password: student's identification number.


    Attendance:  Attendance is crucial to your success and understanding of the course!  With block scheduling, it is very difficult to catch up if you fall behind in class.  Work missed due to absences can be made up as described in the student handbook. 


    If you are absent, please come talk with me.


    If you are absent the day of the exam or quiz, you will have to arrange a 60-minute (or more) period of time to make up the exam in the tutor room 123 within a timely manner.  Please see me to discuss these situations.


    Tardy PolicyTardies will be recorded.  To keep from disrupting the class, it is good practice to be in class on time ready to learn.


    Technology:   Technology usage is encouraged both in and out of the classroom for this course.  We will access the online curriculum using the Laptops provided by the district.


    **Cell phones are not to be used in class for anything other than in-class activities.  Texting is not permitted during instruction times.  Students will not be allowed to have any sort of electronic device (iPad, iPod, cell phone, etc.) during an exam.  Phones cannot be used as a calculator.