• Smithton Integration Challenge
    Teachers, are you up to the challenge? Each month, the media center will be sending out a challenge to implement a technology tool with your instruction. Share your success (tweet, blog, or have us visit) and you'll be entered to win a Smithton Sips punch card!
    April Challenge: Twitter as a Digital PLN
    What is it? Twitter is social media. If you don't have a teacher account, now is the time. There is no better way to connect and learn from your colleagues than Twitter. Don't worry about tweeting from the classroom if you aren't ready. This task is all about getting connected to colleagues and building a digital PLN.
    Task: Create a Twitter account to use for your "teacher self". Then follow the @SmithtonMC Twitter account and any other Smithton teachers you can find. Check out the challenge below.
    Learning Opportunities:
    • Nothing formal for this. Come down any time to the media center to learn how to create an account and get connected!
    How to win this challenge: The team of teachers (6A, 7B, etc) who have the most activity (retweets and likes) for their monthly tweets (starting April 7th through April 28th) will win the challenge. At the end of the month, we'll tally the scores and the winning team will get a special treat from the media center team! 
    Winter Challenge: Schoology Bingo
    What is it? In case you don't know, Schoology is our learning management system. It's a vehicle to distribute content, assignments, discussion board, and assessments to students. 
    Task: Play Schoology Bingo! Turn in your cards to the media center to earn entries to win a Smithton Sips card! Access the Schoology Bingo card here: Schoology Bingo Card
    Learning Opportunities:
    • January 11th - Open lab time: come at any time during the day to get 1:1 instruction on how to use Schoology tools
    • January 18th - Open lab time: come at any time during the day to get 1:1 instruction on how to use Schoology tools
    • January 25th - Open lab time: come at any time during the day to get 1:1 instruction on how to use Schoology tools
    Turn in your cards by February 24th 
    Winter Challenge Winner: John Harker 
    November/December Challenge: Formative Assessment Tools
    What is it? Methods for quickly seeing what your students know. There are quite a few digital tools available for formative assessment. These tools offer instantaneous data collection that can be completed anonymously if desired. 
    Task: Use a formative assessment tool with students. Email, tweet, or invite the media center crew to share your success!
    • Google Forms - can be easily shared with a weblink via Schoology, QR code, or link shortener. Use anonymously or have students sign in to complete
    • Schoology - create quick quizzes or exit slips
    • Go Formative - web-based tool for live instruction and data collection through questions
    • PearDeck - web-based tool for presenting live instruction through slides
    • ClassKick - app-based tool for delivering instruction through interactive whiteboards
    Learning Opportunities:
    • November 17th at 2:45: Google Forms
    • November 30th at 2:45: Go Formative
    • December 7th at 2:45: ClassKick
    • December 13th at 2:45: PearDeck
    December's Winner: Mirsada Ivankovic
    October Challenge: Flipped Instruction
    What is it? Flipped instruction is providing students (and parents) a library of teacher-created videos to demonstrate concepts and skills. These are short videos, usually around 5 minutes or less. Videos are then uploaded to YouTube channels, Schoology course, or any other web-based platform so students and parents can easily access. 
    Task: Think about a skill that you teach over and over again. Record yourself teaching it and post. Simple!
    • Solve mathematical equations
    • Model the steps to the scientific method
    • Walk students through the process of creating a quality reading response
    • Demonstrate appropriate techniques for sports skills
    • Use your iPad camera to record a video of your teaching
    • The Explain Everything app is perfect for capturing screen recordings
    • YouTube channels are the best way to organize your videos by topic and sharing 
    October's Winner: Erin Thompson and Michelle Winter
    September Challenge: QR Codes
    What is it? QR codes are those little (usually black and white) boxes that you probably see all over the place. Use your mobile device to scan the code and get to any online content.
    Task: Use a QR code to send students to online material, share student work, or anything else you can imagine.
    • Have students scan a QR code when they enter class to access a website to use that day
    • Add a QR code to a worksheet so students can access extra help to solve a problem or extend their thinking
    • Link student work to a QR code and display in the hallway for others to experience
    • Put a QR code inside a book that links to student created book recommendations
    How to make a QR code - Mr. V video 
    September's Winner: DeeDee Myshrall